ChiliPAD Sleep System review: Say goodbye to night sweats

If you suffer from night sweats, the ChilliPAD could be your savior

ChiliPAD Sleep System review
Bottom Line
ChilliPAD is not a cheap investment, but it's absolutely worth it if you suffer from night sweats or are temperature-challenged in bed.
Effective temperature control
Supports both heating and cooling
Works for both half and full mattress coverage
Batteries not included with remote

The ChiliPAD Sleep System is a super advanced hydro-powered mattress pad that both heats and cools. If you’re someone who sleeps hot, suffers from night sweats, or you and your sleeping partner have different sleeping temperature preferences, then ChilliPAD is the ultimate solution.

The ChilliPAD is available in different sizes for different size mattresses. Prices range from $499 for a half queen to $1199 for a cal king. “Half” means that ChilliPAD will only adjust the temperature on one side of the bed. This is ideal if your sleeping partner doesn’t require the features of ChilliPAD too. The mattress pad itself resembles a gigantic heating pad.

ChiliPAD Sleep System review: Say goodbye to night sweats 1
You’ll need to find a place to stash Chillipad’s reservoir tank. It’s too tall to fit under most bed frames.

The ChilliPAD is able to cool your bed from 55-110°F (13-43°C). It’s powered by an external water reservoir tank that holds 25oz. You’ll need to find a place to stash the tank near your bed, otherwise, it’s too bulky to fit under most bed frames and is somewhat of an eyesore.

Set up is relatively easy. But you’ll need to bring the water to the reservoir tank since the tank is not portable. Water goes into the reservoir and then flows through a large pipe which then runs eventually through the small pipes housed inside of the mattress pad.

During testing, we had to refill the reservoir after 5 nights. There’s an auto shut off feature when the tank is low on water which helps prevent damage to the ChilliPAD, and there is also an auto-dim display feature. The reservoir tank will either cool or warm up the water and you can control the temperature using the included remote.


We found the cooling to be extremely effective for combatting night sweats. To that effect, it’s really helped us sleep better and more comfortably.

The Heating feature is more effective if you have a good blanket on top of you. The ChilliPAD guide even recommends using a blanket with it to be most effective.

Does it work?

The ChilliPAD has vastly improved our sleep every night. We’re sleeping through the night better than ever, which in turn has really improved our quality of life.

Bottom Line

It’s no fun having to remember to fill up the ChilliPAD’s reservoir tank every 5 days, nor is its reservoir tank attractive to keep in your bedroom, but we think these tradeoffs are well worth it for the relief the ChilliPAD will bring to those who suffer from temperature issues while they’re sleeping.

With that said, ChilliPAD is not a cheap investment, heck it costs nearly as much as a mattress. But ChilliPAD is absolutely worth it if you suffer from night sweats or are temperature-challenged in bed.

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