Philips is working on a wearable that stops your snoring

The device sends out soft vibrations as you sleep

Philips is working on a wearable that stops your snoring 1

Philips is looking to expand its SmartSleep line with the introduction of a new Analyzer, Snoring Relief Band, and a sleep tracking mobile app called the Better Sleep Program.

First announced earlier this year, the SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band is a wearable that’s designed to reduce snoring by adjusting the wearer’s sleeping habits, and one way it does that is by that training you not to sleep on your back. Embedded in the soft band that’s worn across the chest is a number of high tech sensors that keep track of which sleeping position is most likely to result in snoring. When the wearer moves to a position that the sensor finds problematic, the band sends out soft vibrations to encourage them to reposition. All this takes place unbeknownst to the wearer who continues to sleep as usual.

Philips says the goal of its SmartSleep line is to help people get better sleep through the use of its clinically proven, data-driven solutions. The company has yet to announce pricing or launch details, but they are previewing their new sleep tech at IFA GPC which is taking place this weekend in Andalusia, Spain.

Each year IFA GPC brings together over 300 journalists from around the world to discuss the latest global consumer electronics trends and to get some sneak previews of what’s to come later on in the year at IFA in Berlin. IFA is Europe’s largest consumer electronics show.

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