Rocking bed transforms your ordinary bed into a wild ride

This bed attachment promises to lull you to sleep like a baby.

Rocking bed

Have you ever wanted to be rocked to sleep like you were when you were a child?

If you just answered ‘yes, that sounds like the best thing ever!’, then we have some great news for you. A new innovative system, which allows your bed to sway to and fro while you relax is available for pre-order.

The product, which is patent pending, can be attached to your existing bed frame and apparently, it will help you get a better night sleep… or just make you feel like you’re on a boat – one, or the other.

The company producing them, which is not so inventively called ‘Rocking Bed’, states that their product works by “[using] stored energy to sway the sleeper back and forth in gentle and consistent motions.”

The product is available in four sizes – king size, queen size, full size and twin size.

The makers also state that the Rocking Bed has a number of fantastic health benefits:

“In addition to helping you combat the symptoms of insomnia, rocking beds can offer a range of other benefits… Rocking beds can also improve their circulation and treat varicose veins.”

They even claim that the Rocking Bed can help ease anxiety.

On the website, all four sizes are currently available for pre-order at a price of $2950, which includes a 30% discount.

What can we say, except that these beds totally rock.

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