Cats now have their own radio station

The playlist consists of a 45-minute loop made up of old and new ‘cat-specific’ tracks

Whiskas is teaming up with Toronto-based ad agency BBDO to launch a radio station for cats.

Created in honor of National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, Cat Calm Radio is an internet-based radio station that plays music meant to soothe cats. While dogs tend to enjoy car rides, cats are usually more apprehensive. Cat Calm Radio is supposed to make our feline friends feel more at ease.

Created by David Teie – a ‘cat-specific’ musician – the radio’s playlist consists of a 45-minute loop made up of new and old tracks.

Although many will write off the idea as wacky, there’s actually research to back it. Experts believe that humans are hardwired to enjoy rhythmic, ’beat-based’ music because it reminds us of “our mothers’ pulse from the womb,” however, a cat’s brain matures later in life – therefore they have no affinity for beat-based tunes.

To create his soundscapes, Teie uses spray bottles, torn canvas, and toy footballs. Occasionally he does use more traditional instruments such as the cello.

Source: Adweek