Cards Against Humanity releases a free and printable Family Edition

It’s safe to play with kids

Known for being a game for “horrible people”, the popular phrase-matching tabletop game, Cards Against Humanity, is releasing a new, cleaner version that’ll be safe for parents and children to play together at the same time.

The game’s Family Edition replaces its infamous adult phrases with some friendly, PG-rated ones. It’s revamped cards are made safe enough to be able to play with kids aged 8 and up. The game does still retain some of its signature humor on its cards but using safer words like “crap” and “boobies” instead of its more vulgar counterparts.

The website says that the Family Edition of the game took over a year to develop and was designed with the input of child development experts and psychologists. The game was initially planned to launch in fall but due to the ongoing pandemic, they released this beta version earlier to provide families something fun to do while in quarantine. For parents’ peace of mind, the website even says the game has been playtested with actual families but there’s always the option to remove cards that seem inappropriate.

The Cards Against Humanity Family Edition is free and can be downloaded via PDF then printed and cut for use. The website will offer them in either a small card format or a large card format as well as low ink options for both.

Before downloading though, the website will require you to agree to stay at home through a comedic political statement that also comes with a warning to stop hoarding toilet paper.

The official version of the game is still set to release sometime in the Fall of this year.

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Source: The Verge