Ayden Mekus net worth: How big is his YouTube salary?

Inside Ayden Mekus’ life: How the Gen Z star amassed his huge fortune

Ayden Mekus

Ayden Mekus is an actor, model, and social media influencer in the United States. Best known for his roles in the short films Mr. Strange and The Lilac Thief, he has become a household name among Gen Z audiences, thanks to his charismatic personality and captivating content online. With millions of followers across different social media sites, it’s no secret that Mekus has become a force to be reckoned with in the digital space. As a result, many fans and curious individuals are wondering just how much this rising star is worth. Read on to find out Mekus’ net worth and discover all the revenue streams that are fueling his success.

How rich is Ayden Mekus?

According to various online reports, Ayden Mekus has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of April 2023. While it appears that the majority of his earnings come from his different filming and television projects, he also makes money from modeling, different business ventures, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Ayden Mekus’ acting career

According to his IMDb page, Ayden Mekus made his acting debut in the entertainment industry in the 2013 romantic drama Bloody Isshq. Five years later, in 2018, Mekus then went on to play Charlie in the short film Chocolate Chip Cookies. This was followed by three other shorts — Critical Candle, Roxi, and Utensils — that were all released in the same year.

Ayden Mekus and John Henry Richardson in Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ayden Mekus and John Henry Richardson in Chocolate Chip Cookies

How did Andy Mekus get famous?

After appearing in the 2019 short To Smell the Roses, Mekus gained more popularity for his roles in Mr. Strange and The Lilac Thief. Both projects were released later that year. It was also in the same year when he started acting in projects produced by Dhar Mann Studios, the video production company owned by American entrepreneur and film producer, Dhar Mann.

According to Ventured, Mekus earns between $21,000 to $215,000 as an actor per project.

Ayden Mekus’ YouTube career

In addition to appearing in several YouTube videos produced by Dhar Mann, Ayden Mekus also stars on his own YouTube channel. Mekus’ self-titled YouTube channel has over 1.74 million subscribers as of April 2023, and according to Ventured, the professional YouTuber earns $129- $2,100 per week from YouTube ads.

Mekus joined YouTube in November 2017 and has since accumulated combined views of more than 151 million from all his videos, which include prank videos, challenge videos, dance videos, and storytime videos, among many others. His most popular YouTube video to date is titled Evil Foster Parent Mean To Small Child **REACTING to Dhar Mann **, which boasts over 4.8 million views.

Evil Foster Parent Mean To Small Child **REACTING to Dhar Mann ** |Ayden Mekus

Ayden Mekus’ social media accounts

Aside from YouTube, Ayden Mekus also has a huge following on other social media platforms, which has helped him earn money through brand endorsements and sponsored posts.

As of April 2023, Mekus has over 12.9 million followers on TikTok, 1 million followers on Instagram, 29,000 followers on Facebook, and 15,300 followers on Twitter.

Ayden Mekus’ modeling career

Ayden Mekus’ earnings from modeling gigs also boost his net worth. He has been part of several modeling projects with popular brands, including LA Kidz Fashion.

Ayden Mekus’ business

Ayden Mekus is also a well-established entrepreneur. Inspired by his love for fashion at a young age, Mekus founded a clothing line called Positive Choice Apparel, which aims to spread kindness through merch.

Positive Choice Apparel products
Some items by Positive Choice Apparel

Ayden Mekus’ bio

Can’t get enough of Ayden Mekus? Here are other fun facts about the social media personality:

How old is Ayden Mekus?

As of April 2023, Ayden Mekus is 17 years old. He was born on August 2, 2005.

Ayden Mekus’ parents and early life

Baby Ayden Mekus with his parents
Baby Ayden Mekus with his parents | Credit: Instagram / Ayden Mekus

Ayden Mekus is of British-Irish ethnicity. His father, Larry Mekus, is a businessman. He is the co-founder of Positive Choice Apparel. His mother, meanwhile, is Maria Mekus. Some websites say she’s an entrepreneur, while others claim she’s a housewife.

A member of the Christian faith, the social media personality spent most of his early life on Coronado Island, California.

Ayden Mekus’ education

Ayden Mekus attended a local high school in California. With a love for acting at an early age, Mekus performed in several plays in the school. He also played basketball during his high school days and has remained very interested in the sport

Mekus completed an acting diploma at Cynthia Bain Studios and earned a separate acting certificate at Grays Studio. He also completed a dance diploma from San Diego Dance Works and Millennium Dance Studio. He is currently pursuing his higher education in Los Angeles.

Ayden Mekus’ girlfriend

Ayden Mekus is currently single. He most recently dated Jaime Adler, an actress best known for his role as Olga Romanov role in the 2020 film Anastasia. They started dating in October 2021 and broke up in September 2022.

Jaime Adler and Ayden Mekus
Jaime Adler and Ayden Mekus | Credit: Instagram / Ayden Mekus

Before dating Adler, Mekus dated actress and YouTube star Claire Rocksmith from April 2021 to October 2021. She is the cousin of Piper Rockelle, a social media influencer and the creator of Piper’s Squad.

Ayden Mekus and Claire Rocksmith
Ayden Mekus and Claire Rocksmith | Credit: Instagram / Ayden Mekus

Mekus was also in a romantic relationship with Symonne Harrison from 2020 to 2021. Like Mekus, Harrison is also an actor, a YouTuber, and a dancer.

Symonne Harrison and Ayden Mekus
Symonne Harrison and Ayden Mekus | Credit: Instagram / Ayden Mekus
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