Your cat will go crazy for this app-controlled RC mouse

It’s the purrfect toy to keep your cat entertained

A company has invented a new app-controlled cat toy dubbed ‘Mouse Hunt’. The suede-covered RC critter “has a realistic, lifelike mouse design,” and “will satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to hunt.”

According to the company, the speedy little robo-mouse can reach speeds up to 1.5 meters (5ft) per second – and operates on short carpets and rugs as effortlessly as it does on hardwood.

The accompanying iOS / Andriod app allows you to precisely control the mouse’s speed and direction from your phone via Bluetooth. What’s more, there’s a hidden catnip compartment on the bottom, which will probably make this Mr.Mitten’s all-time favorite toy after it’s been filled.

The Mouse Hunt toy sells for $54.00 – and comes packed with everything you need to get up and running upon arrival, including a USB charger.