Alex Choi net worth: How much does the YouTube star make?

How much is Alex Choi worth?

Alex Choi on his yellow 1997 Mazda Miata M Edition

Alex Choi is a professional South Korean YouTuber in the United States. Best known for his YouTube videos about car customizations and other automobile modifications, the Internet personality owns several luxury cars that are usually featured on his self-titled YouTube channel. With lots of expensive cars and exotic automobiles on full display on his different social media accounts, one couldn’t help but wonder how rich Alex Choi is. Read on to find out Alex Choi’s net worth and how his passion for cars has made him wealthier than ever.

What is Alex Choi’s net worth?

According to various online reports, Alex Choi has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of March 2023.

How does Alex Choi make money?

Alex Choi makes money from creating content on YouTube and other social media platforms. He also runs an apparel business called Don’t Panic.

Alex Choi as a content creator

A huge chunk of Alex Choi’s net worth comes from the earnings of his popular YouTube channel, which currently has over 879,000 subscribers.

A screenshot of the homepage of Alex Choi's YouTube channel
A screenshot of the homepage of Alex Choi’s YouTube channel featuring some of his most popular content | The majority of Alex Choi’s net worth comes from his earnings on YouTube.

Alex Choi started his YouTube career in 2017. His very first YouTube video, titled Fiat 500e Drift Car Build, was uploaded in July of that year, and now has more than 95,000 views. That figure, however, is way below the number of views of his most-watched video. Uploaded in the same month as his inaugural video, his most popular video, titled Lamborghini Launch Control Reaction Compilation, boasts nearly 14 million views as of March 2023.

Lamborghini Launch Control Reaction Compilation

With a likable personality and outrageous content, Alex Choi gained a lot of subscribers on YouTube, developing wealth for himself in just a short span of time.

Videos on Alex Choi’s YouTube channel are all car content. In addition to videos about car customizations like drift car build and fi exhaust headers, Alex Choi also makes vlogs featuring luxury car dealerships and auto shops (some are located in Beverly Hills), car stunts, car races, and car experiments, just like his most recent video about a Lamborghini trying to tow 10,000lbs+. His YouTube channel also includes collaborations with other car enthusiasts like Daily Driven Exotics founder Damon Fryer, as well as controversial content like illegal stunts involving sports cars and even police arrests.

Can a Lamborghini Tow 10,000lbs+?

Though YouTube appears to be Alex Choi’s primary source of income, his career as a car content creator actually started on Instagram when he began posting car content on the social networking site as early as May 2016. As of March 2023, Alex Choi’s  Instagram has over 1.1 million followers.

Alex Choi as an entrepreneur

Alex Choi’s net worth is also boosted by the earnings of his own line of merchandise under the brand Don’t Panic. sells merchandise based on his auto modifications. The hoodies available on his website cost around $70 each while the t-shirts have an average price of $35 per piece.

A Don't Panic hoodie lying on the hood of a car
A Don’t Panic hoodie. The sales of such merchandise boost Alex Choi’s net worth. | Credit: dontpanic.motorsports / Instagram

What cars does Alex Choi have?

A complete and current list of Alex Choi’s luxury cars is not available to the public. But based on his past car-related content on YouTube and Instagram over the years, Alex Choi owns or once owned the following vehicles: Audi RS, Tesla Model 3, BMW M2, BMW M3, Lamborghini Huracán GT3, Lamborghini Huracan “Unicorn V3”, and McLaren 720S.

The most famous of Alex Choi’s cars is the Lamborghini Huracán GT3, which has an estimated price of more than $180,000. His BMW M2 is also popular among his fans. Designed with a pink and blue camouflage pattern, the modified vehicle features a ski box, carbon hood, and a wing.

In September 2022, Alex Choi took to Instagram to reveal his car: a 1997 Mazda Miata M Edition. “Honestly this car has brought me more happiness and joy than any other car I own,” Alex Choi wrote of the vehicle. “I can’t stop laughing and smiling when I drive it, and everyone’s reactions are priceless.”

Alex Choi and his Miata. 1.8L 1997 NA, M Edition
Alex Choi and his Miata. 1.8L 1997 NA, M Edition. | Credit Alex Choi / Instagram

Alex Choi’s age

As of March 2023, Alex Choi is 23 years old. He was born on October 25th, 1999 in Seoul, South Korea. Alex Choi, who currently resides in Los Angeles, left South Korea and moved to America when he was still a young boy.


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Alex Choi’s parents

Alex Choi’s parents live a private life. While their names are not known by the public, many assume that they are well off. Although Alex Choi is believed to have come from a wealthy family, it has been his own sense of creative freedom, love of adventure, and passion for cars that brought him fame, which has helped him establish his own personal wealth.

Controversies involving Alex Choi

Alex Choi is no stranger to controversies. In March 2018, he released a video, titled Police SEIZED my car and sent me to JAIL!. In the video, Alex Choi shared that he was subject to arrest after attending an illegal stunt show in Los Angeles, where a number of people got injured.

In September 2018, Alex Choi found more notoriety when a video of him performing a doughnut on Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles went viral. In the video, Alex Choi narrowly avoided hitting a motorcyclist while performing the stunt, causing people to accuse him of nearly killing the motorcyclist.

Alex Choi Near Miss Lamborghini Huracan vs Yamaha R1 Motorcycle

In December of the same year, Alex Choi was arrested once again. This time, he was arrested for his refusal to comply with the police. Apparently, it’s not big of a deal for the social media star, as he even uploaded a picture of his arrest on his Instagram.

Who is Alex Choi’s girlfriend?

It’s not clear whether Alex Choi is in a relationship, but rumor has it that he’s dating Emelia Hartford, a race car driver, custom car builder, television host, and actress.

How tall is Alex Choi?

In case you’re wondering, Alex Choi’s height is 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

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