Alcatel announces two smart flip phones with Google Assistant

TCL Alcatel is bringing essential smartphone features to a classic design

Alcatel announces two smart flip phones with Google Assistant 12

TCL is announcing two new flip phones for the “modern age” – the Alcatel GO FLIP 3 and the Alcatel SMARTFLIP. These announcements come not long after the company announced their Go Flip V. But unlike the GO FLIP V which was pretty much completely a “dumb” flip phone, these new flip phones offer an experience that is closer to a smartphone.

Alcatel announces two smart flip phones with Google Assistant 13
Alcatel Go Flip 3

With these two new models, TCL moves to create a modern flip phone with the essential features of a regular phone combined with some smartphone-like features. Both the GO FLIP 3 and SMARTFLIP will be able to accomplish basic tasks such as sending and receiving text messages and calls but with 4G LTE available, users can utilize the internet to check emails, surf the web and even watch videos. To add to that, both the GO FLIP 3 and SMARTFLIP are the first feature phones to offer select Google services. At the touch of a button, users can activate Google Assistant to help with their daily tasks. This can range from making calls and dictating texts to opening apps and searching for directions. There are also shortcuts provided to easily access Youtube Videos and Google.

“By adding key features like Google Assistant, the GO FLIP 3 and SMARTFLIP remind us that flip phones are not a relic of the past,” says Eric Anderson, Senior Vice President and General Manager for TCL Communication, North America, “but continue to serve as a viable and essential mobile device that keeps millions of people connected with their friends

The GO FLIP 3 and SMARTFLIP feature a familiar and durable clamshell design that is ideal for one-handed use. It houses a 1.44-inch external display for previewing calls and a 2.8-inch primary display that makes of an easy viewing space for text and calls. The phones’ buttons are large and backlit which provide for easy dialing and menu navigation. they also come with a number of other accessibility features such as Real-Time Text (RTT), M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility.

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Alcatel announces two smart flip phones with Google Assistant 14
Alcatel Smartflip

Both phones are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 quad-core processors that run KaiOS 2.5. With a battery capacity of 1350mAh, the GO FLIP 3 and the SMARTFLIP can last up to 7 hours of continuous talk time and up to 13 days on standby. Other features include a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, and 4 GB of internal memory (which is expandable to up to 32 GB ).

The Alcatel SMARTFLIP will be offered by AT&T and Cricket Wireless and it is an ideal choice for first responders and public safety officials since it is connected on AT&T’s network for public safety, FirstNet. On the other hand, the Alcatel SMARTFLIP will be available from T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile and it will offer a hotspot capability.

The Alcatel GO FLIP 3 will be available later this month at Metro by T-Mobile and at T-Mobile later in October.  The Alcatel SMARTFLIP will be available starting September 27th at AT&T and Cricket Wireless. For more information on these devices, you can visit Alcatel’s official website.