16 wild Bitcoin tales of rags to riches (and vice versa)

Thinking of investing in Bitcoin? Read these nutty stories first.

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16 wild Bitcoin tales of rags to riches (and vice versa) 1

Bitcoin is currently one of the hottest topics in the world. What started off as a little-known online experiment with the idea of currency, has now become one of the most puzzling and exciting technological avenues that mankind looks set to venture down. All over the world, people watch on as Bitcoin’s value continues to grow, with no end in sight. The Bitcoin ride so far has been a crazy one – with winners and losers; those who’ve been extremely lucky and others who really, really haven’t. We’ve collected some of the most interesting stories about Bitcoin here, for your reading pleasure.

#1 The Bitcoin Bet

16 wild Bitcoin tales of rags to riches (and vice versa) 2
Credit: Telegraph

What would you have done, age 12, if your grandma had given you $1000? Invested it in a volatile and semi-experimental online currency, right? No, me either. But that’s exactly what Erik Finman of Idaho did. After a tip-off from his older Brother, Erik bought $1000 worth of Bitcoin in 2011. A few years later – after dropping out of high school and getting home-schooled – he made a bet with his parents that if he made a million dollars before his 18th birthday, they wouldn’t make him go to college, and in June last year, when the value of his original investment had increased by more than 100-fold, Erik declared the bet won.