Westworld Season 2 Spoilers

WATCH: Westworld’s Season 2 Spoilers video released by HBO

You’ve been Rickrolled.

Want to find out everything that will happen in Season 2 of Westworld? Of course you do! And that’s exactly how Westworld’s creators lured in unsuspecting fans before Rickrolling them in the most glorious way possible.

It all started yesterday when show runners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy threatened to post all of Season 2’s spoilers on Reddit. Then HBO posted a 25 minute long “primer” video that was supposed to reveal the entire plot for the second season.

The video starts off with a monologue from Bernard (played by Jeffrey Wright). Before you know it, Evan Rachel Wood is singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” while cast-mate Angela Sarafyan plays the piano. Who knew that Evan Rachel Wood could sing so beautifully!? The last 23 minutes of the clip features a dog sitting at a piano with the Westworld theme song playing in the background.

We’ve all been Rickrolled, and it was really well done. That will teach folks for chasing after spoilers!

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