Tracfone takes on Mint Mobile with discounted extended service plans

Customers can save up to 20% a year if they decide to pre-pay with an extended service plan


Taking cues out of Mint Mobile’s playbook, Tracfone Wireless has introduced Extended Service Plans aimed at offering customers more choices and some significant savings. These plans will include discounts on three-month, six-month, and annual unlimited talk and text options, catering to both existing and new Tracfone users.

The Extended Service Plans from Tracfone Wireless are structured to reward customers who opt for longer-term commitments. For instance, an annual plan with data can start at $192, which averages out to $16 per month over the span of 12 months.

Tracfone extended service plans
Tracfone’s extended service plan options

This represents a 20 percent savings compared to purchasing the same plan on a monthly basis. Additionally, these annual plans offer the benefit of data carryover, allowing any unused data to roll over into the subsequent month after each 30-day period.

Tracfone’s Extended Service Plans uphold its reputation for providing dependable nationwide 4G and 5G coverage, without the constraints of contracts or hidden fees, and with the added advantage of unlimited carryover data.

Recognizing that not all users seek lengthy commitments, Tracfone Wireless acknowledges the appeal of shorter, more flexible plans for some consumers. By introducing these Extended Service Plans, Tracfone wants to offer options that align with varying lifestyles and preferences.

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