Tinder launches dating app made for university students only

Users most have .edu address and live near an accredited college campus

Tinder launches dating app made for university students only 13

Today, Tinder announced that the company is launching a university-focused version of the app dubbed Tinder U.

Tinder U is almost exactly the same as normal Tinder, however, it will only be available to college students. The Verge is reporting that users are required to be geolocated on a college campus and must have a .edu email in order to join the new service.

Interestingly, Tinder U isn’t being pushed as a dating app. Instead, it’s being marketed as the ideal app “for finding a study buddy or someone to hang out with on the quad.”

Apple iOS users who attend four-year, non-profit schools will be the first to have access to this new version of the ‘study buddy’ app.

Tinder says college students make up a sizable portion of all register users. Match Group, Inc – the company behind the app – is hoping that a more exclusive, university-focused version will lead to even more signups among young people. Going further, by limiting the new signups to registered college students, the company hopes it will result in a safer, more satisfying user experience.