Those Coca-Cola glowing lightsabers bottles are selling for $249 on eBay

Coca-Cola unveiled bottles featuring glowing lightsabers made of OLEDs last week, but they’re limited to Singapore

The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker marketing campaigns have been in full swing over the past few weeks. Many of these campaigns have come through as partnerships and merchandising deals – for example, Samsung recently released a Star Wars-inspired Galaxy Note10+. Now, Coca-Cola has released a bottle that featured a glowing lightsaber.

The bottles take advantage of OLED technology, which isn’t exactly new. However, the Star Wars-inspired Coca-Cola bottles are one of the first to use a paper-thin label and place it on a malleable surface. The packaging takes advantage of an electric circuit that’s formed once it’s touched. As a result, the lightsaber then lights up.

There are two designs available, with one in red and the other in blue. Reports suggest that the bottles can light up roughly 500 times. This should add up to 40 minutes of total light-up time. However, this could vary significantly depending on shipping time and storage quality, as well as a variety of other factors.

Photo: eBay

That said, the Star Wars-inspired Coca-Cola bottles do come with yet another catch; only 8,000 of them are being produced and they’re only being released in Singapore in only 45 locations, each of which is being kept secret. The approach may have been taken to prevent large queues of people trying to purchase the bottles.

Fortunately, good old eBay has plenty of listings available for their bottles, with the average cost being $199 to $249. But would you spend $199+ on a bottle of coke?