The Lion King SNES cartdridge is getting a playable rerelease

There’s even a limited-edition glow-in-the dark version

The Lion King SNES cartdridge is getting a playable rerelease 1

The Lion King was one of the most well-known games of the Super Nintendo era. The game which was directly adapted from the Disney movie of the same name became an icon in what could be done in a 16-bit space.

To commemorate the game, online retailer Zavvi has launched a brand-new, legacy US SNES cartridge complete with retro trappings, a custom dust cover, and a full-color instruction booklet with restored artwork from the original booklet. More than that, the cartridge will be playable and is compatible with the US SNES.

The cartridge will be in an opaque Mufasa Marigold design and will have an ultra-limited translucent Serengeti Sunrise glow-in-the-dark edition as well. There will only be 4500 units available and cartridge colors will be given out at random. There will be a 1-in-8 chance to receive the limited glow-in-the-dark edition. The entire collection will come in a specialty fold-out foil box with gloss and embellishments.

The Lion King Legacy SNES Cartridge is now up for pre-order on Zavvi and retails for £99.99.

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