Highly-anticipated The Batman merch now available at Hot Topic

A dark new Caped Crusader fashion collection has arrived, complete with a tactical vest and T-shirts

The Batman merch
The Batman Riddler Split T-Shirt

The famous Bat-Signal is gearing up for a comeback once The Batman starring Robert Pattinson drops in theaters next month. With the remake of an iconic hero tale comes a fleet of The Batman merch, and it’s no surprise that Hot Topic has joined in. The retail chain has launched a fashion collection inspired by the DC film; and it includes The Batman clothes for adults, such as a tactical vest, T-shirts, button-ups, a Catwoman faux leather jacket and leggings, and so much more!

If you add to your cart now, you might even be able to catch their special 20% discount promo. The cherry on top is that the majority of their items are also available in plus sizes.

Beware, cool The Batman merch ahead!

A Breakdown of The Batman Fashion collection

Catwoman Girls Faux Leather Jacket | $63.92

The Batman merch
Catwoman Girls Faux Leather Jacket

No need to wait for Halloween to get dressed like the Catwoman because this black faux leather jacket with detailed cuffs and neckline can be worn any day of the week. This item also features a moto pintuck detailing on the sleeves, a black embroidered cat on the chest, and a fierce front zipper closure.

Catwoman Cosplay Leggings | $26.32 

The Batman merch
Catwoman Cosplay Leggings

These Catwoman-inspired leggings are the perfect pair for your faux leather jacket. Designed with striking black and gray color-blocking, matching moto pintuck details at the knees, and the mandatory cat emblem on the hip, you’ll be making a fearless fashion statement.

The Batman Utility Vest | $43.92 to $47.12

The Batman merch
The Batman utility vest

What are your requirements for the perfect utility vest? A Batarang graphic, a “Vengeance” graphic, and a lot of pockets? Well, this vest has all that and style to boot. A true must-have among all The Batman merch.

The Batman Tech Jogger Pants | $39.92  

The Batman merch
The Batman Tech Jogger Pants

The pocket galore continues with this techy pair of jogger pants that go perfectly with the aforementioned utility vest. These comfy pants have pockets on the thigh, hips, and back. Plus, they also come with a detachable utility buckle and elasticated waistband.

The Batman Riddler Split T-Shirt | $23.12 to $26.32   

The Batman merch
The Batman Riddler Split T-Shirt

This quirky The Batman t-shirt boasts a black and cream split design that shines the spotlight on the Bat symbol and the Riddler’s face with the text, “I know what I have to become.” Another centerpiece of this item is the black chest pocket with the Riddler’s notorious question mark symbol on it.

The Batman Tactical Long-sleeve T-Shirt | $23.12 to $26.32

The Batman merch
The Batman Tactical Long-sleeve T-Shirt

The Caped Crusader embodies all things tactical, just like this long-sleeve T-shirt with shoulder straps, silver-toned hardware, and a functional sleeve pocket.

The Batman Logo Woven Button-Up | $23.12 to $26.32 

The Batman merch
The Batman Logo Woven Button-Up

Show your love for Batman and (disdain for) The Riddler with this button-up that proudly showcases the film’s logo and profile images.

The Batman merch pricing and availability

The entire The Batman fashion collection is now available for purchase at Hot Topic. You can browse the entire The Batman fashion collection at Hot Topic while you count down the days until the premiere of The Batman on March 4th, 2022.

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