Stundenglass Kompact review

Stundenglass Kompact review: This luxury gravity bong is worth the price

The Stündenglass Kompact is a state-of-the-art 360° rotating gravity infuser

Stündenglass Kompact review

Bottom line

Editor's choice GeekSpinIntuitive enough for a newcomer to pick up and start enjoying right away while long-time veterans can get into the groove of things with ease, this gravity infuser was made with all levels of users in mind. Once you get your hands on this gravity infuser you will understand exactly why the Stündenglass Kompact is well worth the premium price tag.



  • Carrying case makes transporting easy and keeps everything safe, secure, and organized.
  • Sleek beautiful modern design that is sure to impress your friends.
  • Delivers a smooth and potent smoking experience without a battery or power cord.
  • Can be used to infuse drinks and food with herbal smoke.


  • Expensive price tag
  • No mouthpiece covers

The newly released Stündenglass Kompact is a state-of-the-art 360° rotating gravity infuser that uses water displacement and gravity to deliver a super smooth smoking experience eliminating the need for a battery or power cord. The beautiful modern design that dazzled us when the original Stündenglass hit the scene has been nicely transformed into a smaller yet posh look with the Kompact. Did we mention that it can also infuse drinks and food with herbal smoke? What CAN’T this gravity infuser do?

Standing at nearly a foot tall, the Stündenglass Kompact is roughly one-third of the size of the OG Stündenglass is built using the same high-quality materials like aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and borosilicate glass. We found the Kompact’s smaller form factor more manageable and easier to use compared to the original Stündenglass. Another factor we loved is the ability to customize the gravity infuser with different stems, hose tips, and glass globes to fit whatever mood you’re in. We were really digging the glass pineapple globes.

The Kompact ships in a sturdy carrying case that is wrapped in a lightly textured gray fabric and adorned with a nice metal Stündenglass emblem on the front. We loved the grippy texture of the case’s handle and how natural it felt in our hand. The case’s adjustable strap makes it super easy to sling the carrying case over your shoulder so you can bring the party with you wherever you go. Being able to secure the case with a travel lock on the zippers gave us comfort that our gravity infuser would be kept safe and secure.

Inside of the case is a storage compartment that can be used to hold the included maintenance kit and whatever other tools you may use like lighters, matches, hemp wick, bangers, and bubble caps, oh my! On the other side of the case is where the Kompact is strapped in with strong velcro straps. Below where the gravity infuser sits is a carved-out channel where the three-foot whip whose folds up nicely out of the way. There are also cutouts with elastic bands for securing the two bowls, two adapters, and a coal tray to ensure that everything stays safely in place during transport. The case is also great at keeping odors and smells from escaping until you have time to give your gravity infuser a thorough cleaning as there is a noticeable smokey odor if you don’t clean the device before putting it back in the case after a session.

Setting up the Stündenglass Kompact for the first time is fairly easy and simple thanks to the included quick setup guide that illustrates exactly how things fit together. If you want to make things really simple for yourself we recommend setting up the gravity infuser once and leaving it sitting out as it makes a great conversation starter and a beautiful coffee table piece. Mark our words, we guarantee that at least one guest that stops by your place is going to ask you to fire it up so they can try it out for themselves.

The Kompact’s base is nice and sturdy with padding on the bottom so it stays in place and doesn’t scratch up whatever surface it is sitting on. We appreciated how easy it was to fill the gravity infuser with water without any messy spills. Removing the glass globes to fill with water is simple and only takes a few twists. The smaller glass globes of the Kompact are about one-third of the size of the original Stündenglass globes and hold about 1 cup of water.

When you are ready to get lifted simply fill one of the included bowls with your favorite herbs or flavored tobacco and grab your lighter and hemp wick. The solid glass bowl is perfect for an herbal-fueled session while the larger metal bowl is great for hookah coals and flavored tobacco depending on what you’re in the mood for. As we rotated the gravity infuser we watched the bubbling water cool and filter the smoke as the glass globe filled with thick strong smoke. After rotating again we were rewarded with a whip hose full of smoke that was ultra-smooth and cough-free.

We liked being able to use the gravity infuser in conjunction with other smoking/vaping devices that use a 14mm male joint. It was very simple to incorporate our glass banger and bubble cap in order to use herbal concentrates with the Kompact. As we rotated the gravity infuser the globes filled with dense flavorful vapor in a flash and then we enjoyed a massive dab hit that packed a potent punch. The stem can even be used without a hose if you prefer to enjoy your favorite herbs and oils in a contactless fashion where the smoke blows into your face as you inhal.

The three-foot-long hose makes it convenient for multiple people to use, similar to a traditional hookah. We enjoyed using the whip hose and loved how easy it was to connect to the gravity infuser stem with the magnetic snap-on piece. Attached to the end of the hose is a glass mouthpiece. We do wish there were mouthpiece covers available that would allow you to easily slip on and off in a group setting for sanitary reasons like with hookah. At least you can give the glass mouthpiece a quick cleanse with an alcohol wipe to sanitize between users.

Keeping the gravity infuser clean and tidy is an easy task thanks to the maintenance pack that ships with the Kompact. We appreciated that the maintenance kit included an assortment of various sized cleaning brushes, alcohol cleansing wipes, seal rings, and a microfiber cloth to keep the gravity infuser in pristine condition. If you’d like to get it really squeaky clean you can disassemble the entire gravity infuser and clean each piece with some isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

Stundenglass Kompact review verdict

The chic and elegant Stündenglass Kompact comes with a hefty price tag of $599.95 which also includes a 10-year warranty. Sure, you can make a gravity bong for a few bucks out of a plastic bottle but maybe it’s time to consider leveling up and getting lit like a boss. Intuitive enough for a newcomer to pick up and start enjoying right away while long-time veterans can get into the groove of things with ease, this gravity infuser was made with all levels of users in mind. Once you get your hands on this gravity infuser you will understand exactly why the new Stündenglass Kompact is well worth the premium price tag.

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