Scan and solve your math problems step by step with Math Solver

This app claims to solve even the most complicated algebra problems

Math Solver step by step
Math Solver step by step

What do you do when you’re stuck with a math problem you can’t solve? Math is definitely one of the harder subjects to just Google the answers for because of its complexity. You may find the answer to a Math equation in Google, but you will likely be racking your brains on how to solve it yourself. Brainly, the world’s largest online learning platform, knows this and has created an app solution to help both parents and kids who are having trouble solving math problems. The company is introducing Math Solver, a tool to help provide a clear path to “solving even the most complex algebra problems.”

Powered by Microsoft, users need only take a photo of the problem or write it down using a phone or tablet’s screen and Math Solver will be able to, well, solve it.

Math Solver step by step

Most importantly, though, Math Solver offers a step-by-step explanation or a visual of the process of getting the correct answer. This way kids, or even parents, will be able to fully understand the problem and be able to understand and solve similar ones in the future.

It’s worth noting that Brainly currently has an active user base of over 350 million users monthly.

Brainly Math Solver
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