Trip the light fantastic with the incredibly affordable Soundcore Flare speaker

The Flare features a neat 360° beat-driven light show, but its price tag is what will really surprise you

Soundcore Flare

A portable Bluetooth speaker that can trip the light fantastic with a pulsating rainbow show? Ok, that is something we’ve seen before, but this time around it’s super affordable.

Soundcore’s new Flare is a Bluetooth speaker that offers 360° of sound along with a 360° beat-driven light show made up of colorful LED lights. The LEDs pulse, phase and shine to the beat of the music and are able to create a total of 5 adjustable illumination patterns to match your mood or the current ambience.

The Flare can wirelessly synced with other Flares for an even more surround audio experience. A free accompanying app lets you customize the EQ settings for the speaker.

Soundcore Flare
Soundcore Flare

Its IPX7 protection means that it can handle a pool party as much as it can handle the rain. Battery life is claimed at 250 sounds per charge, which translates to about 12 hours.

We’ve been testing the Flare and have been impressed with how much value this portable Bluetooth speaker offers for an incredibly low price of just $59.99. It also offers sonics that sound like that of a much pricier Bluetooth speaker. In comparison, JBL’s popular Pulse 3 offers a similar feature set but costs $179-$199.

If you’re not familiar with the Soundcore brand, Soundcore is Anker’s new audio brand and their products are focused on offering lots of features and great sounding audio, all while undercutting the competition’s pricing.

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