Sony’s SRS-XV900 Party speaker is made for karaoke and TV watching

The speaker shoots out colorful lights and omnidirectional sound

Sony SRS-XV900
SRS-XV900 Bluetooth party speaker

Sony has unveiled its flagship portable speaker, the SRS-XV900 Bluetooth party speaker, and it wants to be the life of your next party – and your home theater TV system too. To that effect, the speaker comes with programmable Omnidirectional party lights, as well as everything you need for karaoke.

The SRS-XV900 features a three-way sound system that provides what Sony calls Omni-directional audio, designed to enhance the sound experience at parties by allowing party-goers to enjoy the music regardless of where the SRS-XV900 is positioned in a space.

Sony SRS-XV900
The SRS-XV900 can double as a TV sound system

Dedicated drivers and an X-Balanced speaker power the sound system to deliver clear audio along. The speaker comes with a “Mega Bass” button which quickly boosts the bass levels on the speaker, and it has a “Live Sound” mode that recreates that live concert experience audio ambiance.

But beyond parties, Sony claims the SRS-XV900 can also be used as a sound system for your home theater TV. The speaker features a “TV Sound Booster” function that produces deep bass to boost the sound on any TV model.

Sony SRS-XV900
The Sony SRS-XV900 features omnidirectional sound

Since it is primarily targeted at party-goers, the second feature Sony emphasized in its announcement is the “Omnidirectional party lights” feature, which creates a party atmosphere using colorful ambient lighting.

According to Sony, the party lights compliments the Karaoke experience too, since the SRS-XV900 has ports that allow users to connect a microphone and guitar. Furthermore, users can enhance their Karaoke vocals with the “Double Tracking”, “Voice Changer”, and “Echo” functions on the Fiestable mobile app.

The Sony SRS-XV900 is also compatible with Sony Music Center app, giving the user more control over music playback, sound modes, and lighting patterns. Alternatively, users can opt to use a touch panel at the top of the speaker to directly control sound, settings, and lighting without pulling out their phone.

Sony SRS-XV900's touch panel
Users can use a touch panel at the top of the speaker to directly control sound, settings, and lighting on the Sony SRS-XV900

The SRS-XV900 lasts for up to 25 hours and has fast charging capabilities that allow it to get up to 3 hours of playtime on a 10-minute charge.

The “Party Connect via Bluetooth” feature allows users to connect up to 100 Sony speakers to create a synchronized sound and lighting experience for bigger parties. And the SRS-XV900’s built-in wheels and handle allow party-goers to take the speaker with them wherever they want to party.

Sony SRS-XV900
The Sony SRS-XV900 has wheels for easy portability

Sony SRS-XV900 Pricing

The SRS-XV900 will be available for pre-order starting September 20 at Sony and subsequently at Amazon and Best Buy.

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