Sony plans to release its $2899 Aibo robot puppy in the U.S.

Reports say ‘aibo’ will be a limited edition product

Sony plans to release its $2899 Aibo robot puppy in the U.S. 1

The sixth-gen version of ‘aibo’ – Sony’s beloved robot puppy – is on its way to the US. After relaunching in Japan last year, Sony plans to release a $2899 US version before the upcoming holiday season.

Starting in September, customers can preorder aibo, however, shipments won’t begin until the holidays draw closer. The Verge is reporting aibo comes in a package featuring “three years of Sony’s AI Cloud service as well as a variety of toys, including a pink ball, an ‘Aibone’, paw pads, and a charging station.”

Whether the robot is connected through LTE (AT&T) or WiFi, you can use the accompanying iOS / Android app to always stay close. What’s more, Sony’s AI Cloud will also use these same connections to send information from aibo to company servers. Sony touts its AI engine uses this information to learn the faces of the various members of the house and builds bonds based on how each person treats aibo.

Away from the pup’s cutesy exterior is a wealth of sensors and cameras that allow the robot to capture said information as well as to better interact with its environment.

Essentially, as the robot learns more about you and its surrounds it develops a unique character and set of abilities. The company suggests the AI engine is so advanced that no two aibo are alike.

According to reports, aibo will be a limited edition product. Sources say the company has yet to unveil how many units they plan to ship.

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