Sony launches two party speakers for summer

The SRS-XV800 is made for parties, karaoke, and can also double as a TV sound system

Sony SRS-XB100
The ultra compact Sony SRS-XB100 is great for both music and conference calls

Just in time for summer, Sony has launched two fun wireless speakers, the SRS-XB100 and SRS-XV800. The SRS-XB100 is a compact and very portable speaker that works as well as it does for music as it does for conference calls, while the SRS-XV800 is a larger portable speaker designed especially for parties and karaoke nights.

Sony SRS-XB100: A pocket-sized do-it-all speaker

Sony SRS-XB100
Sony SRS-XB100 has an echo-canceling feature for conference calls

The new Sony SRS-XB100 is a super compact speaker which uses DSP technology to optimize sound elements to deliver powerful sound. The Sony SRS-XB100 offers up to 16 hours of battery life and it offers IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof protection to keep the speaker safe from minor hazards.

Sony is emphasizing the echo-canceling capabilities of the new speaker, claiming that the SRS-XB100 will improve the quality of users’ online meetings by smoothly conveying the speakers’ voices both ways during meetings or calls. If you regularly attend conference calls or even make regular phone calls on speaker, you probably have faced situations where you hear things you have said being echoed back to you – this is what Sony is targeting with this echo-canceling feature.

Sony SRS-XB100 in white
The Sony SRS-XB100 in white

Other features of the Sony SRS-XB100 include a sound diffusion processor, a technology that spreads the sound from speakers evenly throughout the user’s space, a passive radiator that prevents sound distortion at loud volumes, and fast pairing Bluetooth for better usability.

The new Sony SRS-XB100 will be available from mid-May for $59.99.

Sony SRS-XV800: The ultimate party speaker

Sony SRS-XV800
The Sony SRS-XV800 can also double as a home theater system

Similar to the SRS-XV900, the Sony SRS-XV800 is another wireless speaker designed for the party-loving crowd.

This new model packs in two tweeters in the rear and two in front to allow party-goers to enjoy louder and clearer sound at parties with large numbers of people. Sony also promises improved bass and sound pressure levels and reduced sound distortion.

Other features of the new SRS-XV800 include IPX4-rated water/dust resistance, a touch panel UI with backlighting to allow easy controls in dark environments, integration with Sony’s Music Center and Fiestable apps to allow control through mobile devices, and a TV Sound booster feature that Sony says will allow users to connect the SRS-XV800 to any TV through an optical cable for improved audio.

Touch controls on the Sony SRS-XV800
Touch controls on the Sony SRS-XV800

The SRS-XV800 offers a 25-hour battery life, with a fast-charging capability that allows the speaker to deliver 3 hours of music playback on a 10-minute charge, and the speaker also comes with a “Battery Care” feature that prevents it from overcharging so users can use their batteries for longer.

The new Sony SRS-XV800 will also be available from mid-May. It will be priced at $649.00.

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