Which BTS song is the soundtrack of your life?

Which BTS song is the soundtrack of your life? 64
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Global superstars, BTS, have been producing beautiful music since 2013. If you’re an ARMY, you most likely already know how challenging it can be to pick a favorite BTS member. Heck, it’s even harder to pick your favorite BTS song! “Mikrokosmos” traverses the profound beauty of the galaxy and personifies it as the possibilities that lie within us. “Dynamite” is a track that celebrates life and potential. “Love Myself” is a pop lullaby that reminds us all to love ourselves through and through. And “On” is a power anthem that will definitely motivate you to follow your dreams.

With all of their songs brimming with catchy melodies and lyrics that speak to your soul, how does one even pick a favorite? Well, we’re about to make things a lot easier for you! If you want to find out which Bangtan song is the soundtrack of your life, then it’s time to take this quiz!

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    How are you spending your weekend?

    • Daydreaming while sipping on a cup of green tea.
    • I’m getting together all my friends for a video call. Maybe we can even have a virtual party.
    • If you need me, I’ll be chilling in my pajamas, just giving my mind a break from reality.
    • I’ll be working on improving one of my talents – writing, singing, drawing, painting, working out, or cooking.
    • You can find me at the gym. Free time means time to improve my physical fitness.
    • The weekends are perfect for visiting my family and friends.
    • Weekends are date nights.
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    If you could move to any of the following cities right now, which one would you pick?

    • Paris, France 65
      Paris, France
    • Seoul, South Korea 66
      Seoul, South Korea
    • Amsterdam, The Netherlands 67
      Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • Cairo, Egypt 68
      Cairo, Egypt
    • Valletta, Malta 69
      Valletta, Malta
    • Oslo, Norway 70
      Oslo, Norway
    • Malé, Maldives 71
      Malé, Maldives
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    Pick a sport

    • Swimming
    • Figure Skating
    • Lacrosse
    • Track and Field
    • Basketball
    • Tennis
    • Skiing
  • Question of

    Pick a color

    • Blue 72
    • Orange 73
    • Red 74
    • Silver 75
    • Black 76
    • Pink 77
    • White 78
  • Question of

    Pick a music genre

    • Pop
    • Retro
    • Jazz
    • Rock
    • Heavy Metal
    • R&B
    • I like all kinds of music
  • Question of

    When did you become an ARMY?

    • Since the beginning of Bangtan. 2013! Proud OG ARMY over here!
    • Around 2015, the time when “Butterfly” and “Run” were released.
    • I can’t remember.
    • Since the pandemic started.
    • I’m not an ARMY, but I might start to be one now.
    • I started stanning BTS when Jin went viral as “Car Door Guy”.
    • I became an ARMY when V went viral at the Grammy’s in January of 2020.
  • Question of

    What scares you most?

    • Not achieving my dreams.
    • Isolation.
    • Hurting those I love.
    • Missing out on an opportunity.
    • Losing.
    • Not finding love.
    • Uncertainty.
  • Question of

    You’re on a long plane ride to your dream destination, who do you want to sit next to?

    • Santa Claus
    • The Tooth Fairy
    • The Easter Bunny
    • Dumbledore
    • Dwayne Johnson
    • Captain America
    • Baby Yoda
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    What’s for lunch?

    • Tacos 79
    • Pasta 80
    • Pizza 81
    • Paella 82
    • Candy. A lot of candy 83
      Candy. A lot of candy
    • Fries 84
    • Souffle 85
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    The pandemic is over, and BTS is finally going on tour again. What are you looking forward to during the concert?

    • The speech. BTS always holds awesome speeches towards the end of the concert.
    • The whole show! When you’re at a BTS concert, everything is a highlight.
    • The solo songs.
    • The intro. Their introduction performance is always so extra!
    • The dance moves. Their choreography is constantly on point!
    • ARMY TIME!
    • I’m just looking forward to attending a live BTS event without having to wear a mask or worry about COVID. Freedom!
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    The animal you pick next will show up at your door tomorrow to be your pet.

    • Unicorn 86
    • Panda 87
    • Cat 88
    • Dog 89
    • Alpaca 90
    • Hamster 91
    • Dolphin 92
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite Taylor Swift song?

    • Love Story
    • 22
    • Shake It Off
    • Ready For It
    • Look What You Made Me Do
    • Sparks Fly
    • Everything Has Changed
  • Question of

    A wise man once said: “If it tastes good, then it has zero calories.” What’s your favorite dessert?

    • Cream Puffs 93
      Cream Puffs
    • Fruit Cake 94
      Fruit Cake
    • Carrot Cake 95
      Carrot Cake
    • Brownies 96
    • Lemon Bars 97
      Lemon Bars
    • Chocolate Covered Strawberries 98
      Chocolate Covered Strawberries
    • Egg Tarts 99
      Egg Tarts
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    What is your favorite holiday?

    • Christmas 100
    • Every day is a holiday 101
      Every day is a holiday
    • Birthdays 102
    • Thanksgiving 103
    • Halloween 104
    • Valentine’s Day 105
      Valentine’s Day
    • New Year 106
      New Year
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    If you could befriend any of the BTS members, who would it be?

    • V 107
      Image from Big Hit Entertainment
    • J-Hope 108
      Image from Big Hit Entertainment
    • RM 109
    • Jin 110
    • Suga 111
      Photo from Big Hit Entertainment
    • Jimin 112
      Photo from Big Hit Entertainment
    • Jungkook 113
      Photo from Big Hit Entertainment
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    Which of the following quotes would you have tattooed onto your arm?

    • “Don’t just look at the stars, be one.”
    • “If you want to be happy, be.”
    • “You were born to be real, not to be perfect.”
    • “Perseverance is stubbornness with purpose.”
    • “Need new haters. The old ones are starting to like me.”
    • “True love stories never have endings.”
    • “Forever Young”
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    Who is your BTS bias?

    • V 114
      Image from Big Hit Entertainment
    • J-Hope 115
      Image from Big Hit Entertainment
    • RM 116
      Image from Big Hit Entertainment
    • Jin 117
    • Suga 118
    • Jimin 119
    • Jungkook 120
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    What’s your bedtime routine?

    • I wash up, change into comfy PJs, turn on my twinkle lights, then pray or meditate. It really helps me sleep well.
    • I barely sleep because I’ve got so much energy. What is sleep?
    • I have an elaborate skin care routine. By the time I’m finished applying my moisturizer, it’s 2 a.m.
    • I need a nice warm bath and a good book before I doze off into dreamland.
    • On days when I’m exhausted, I just plop down onto my cozy bed. No shower, no makeup removal, I just go straight to sleep.
    • I call up my family and friends or send them good night texts. I really can’t sleep without doing that.
    • I need to scroll through my social media feed for two hours straight before I actually become sleepy.
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    What’s your take on the future?

    • I believe in a mixture of destiny and decision. We have control over what our future holds, but there is a higher power that guides us too.
    • Live in the moment and the future will be whatever you want it to be.
    • Trust yourself and the choices you make. The outcome will be for the best.
    • Whatever life throws at me, bring it on. I’m powerful and resilient, and always make it through.
    • Destiny is a myth. I have complete control over my future.
    • Destiny works in mysterious ways, but we always come to see that everything happens for a good reason.
    • Time is a state of mind. The future is unwritten. We hold the pen.
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    How would you describe yourself?

    • An idealist with an optimistic perspective on life. I believe that there is magic in all of us.
    • The life of the party.
    • A person full of love.
    • A fighter. I never quit.
    • I’m savage.
    • A person who loves love, happiness, and positivity.
    • A visionary.
  • Question of

    What’s the first thing you will do once the pandemic is over?

    • I’m going to travel the world. I might even move to a new country!
    • Party! I’m going to call all my friends and family over for a reunion. I’ve missed them so much! Video calls don’t do them justice.
    • I’m going to pamper myself ‘till I drop. Hair salon, spa, gym, mall, and restaurant hopping!
    • I’m going to pick up right where I left off. I’ve used quarantine to improve myself in every way possible. Nothing’s holding me back from making up for lost time. I’m back and better than ever!
    • I’m going back to work with a smile on my face. Mondays have never been so beautiful.
    • I’m going to walk in the streets while high fiving and hugging everyone I meet. I missed human interaction. BRB, won’t be home for a while.
    • The storm is finally over! It’s time to make some dreams come true.
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    Which of these would you have as your lock screen?

    • With the Stars 121
      With the Stars
    • Pineapple Party 122
      Pineapple Party
    • Rose Letters 123
      Rose Letters
    • Empower 124
    • Cityscape 125
    • Love Is In The Air 126
      Love Is In The Air
    • Sky Dreams 127
      Sky Dreams
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    Define your organizational skills.

    • Spontaneous.
    • Non-existent. I’m an organized mess though
    • Color-coordinated.
    • I organize things according to priority.
    • I’m pretty minimalistic, so I only arrange the essentials to be easily accessible.
    • I prefer to call it decorating.
    • I pay a lot of attention to detail.
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    Do you enjoy being around kids?

    • Yes, they’re so much fun to play with.
    • Sure, kids are so free-spirited.
    • Absolutely, I love teaching kids new things.
    • Yeah, kids are a big part of the future.
    • It depends on the kids. If they’re nice kids, then okay.
    • I love kids!
    • Yup, kids keep us all young at heart!
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    Are you an easy crier?

    • YES. I cry when I’m sad. I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I’m tired. I cry when I’m excited. I cry when we’re out of orange soda.
    • Only when I watch sad movies.
    • Crying is healthy.
    • I only cry for a minute, but pick myself up and keep going ‘till I smile.
    • Nope. Got no tear ducts.
    • I cry happy tears.
    • Yes, I have a healthy crying response to things that make me emotional.
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    Where do you draw inspiration from?

    • The sky. It holds an infinite galaxy of celestial magic.
    • Upbeat music.
    • Inspirational quotes.
    • From my experiences and memories.
    • Observations.
    • Love. Love inspires me.
    • From anything and everything. My family, my friends, nature, music, movies, and food.

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