Invoxia’s smart dog collar could reduce your trips to the vet

This smart dog collar keeps an eye on your pup’s health

Smart Dog Collar

Invoxia, a French startup, has announced a smart dog collar that allows dog owners to monitor their pet’s vital signs and location. The collar is able to measure the dog’s heart rate and respiratory levels, as well as behavioral/activity tracking, which includes monitoring activities like eating, running/walking, and even barking.

That said, being able to monitor a pet’s location and health vitals through a collar is hardly a new innovation, and Invoxia itself admits this. The standout feature of the smart dog collar is its capacity to allow dog owners to practice preventative care by gathering valuable data to help them detect and visualize symptoms and anomalies earlier.

Invoxia smart dog collar
Invoxia’s smart dog collar can monitor activities like eating, running/walking, and even barking.

To that effect, the real innovation with the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar is how Invoxia has taken a technology primarily used to monitor the cardio-pulmonary biomarkers in humans and they have redesigned it for use on canines to provide data on degenerative heart diseases, congenital heart diseases, stress levels, and pain or discomfort.

At the heart of their smart dog collar is Invoxia’s Heartprint technology, which the company has designed to continuously monitor and gather data on a dog’s cardio-pulmonary system using AI and sensors built into the collar. The data gathered is then used to create a 2D visual representation of the dog’s heartbeats, allowing dog owners and veterinarians to visualize the dog’s health condition easily.

The Smart Dog Collar features a silicone design that comes in several colors and is adaptable to different dog sizes.

The location tracking feature on the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a buzzer to help owners find their dogs or implement geo-fencing, so owners are alerted whenever the dog strays beyond a specified location or is stolen.

Pricing and Availability

The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar will be launched for sale sometime in Q1 of 2023 for $149. After making a purchase, users will have to subscribe to a monthly service starting from $8.25.

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