Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 trailer teases the aftermath of Max’s death

Liz is seen handcuffed while being questioned about Max’s “disappearance”

Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 trailer teases the aftermath of Max’s death 1

The CW has dropped the official trailer for the second season of Roswell, New Mexico, and it looks like Liz (Jeanine Mason) won’t have enough time to mourn Max’s (Nathan Parsons) death as she needs to get Rosa (Amber Midthunder) up to speed with everything following her resurrection, and help prevent Isobel (Lily Cowles) fall into a downward spiral.

The minute-long video starts with a newly resurrected Rosa, confused and seeking answers. “I don’t understand. You are different,” Rosa tells her older sister Liz. “I’ll explain everything to you, okay?” replies Liz, as she continues to shed tears for Max.

The video then cuts to a scene where Liz brings Rosa to Kyle (Michael Trevino), who is shocked to find out that his paternal half-sister has risen from the dead.

At some point in the trailer, Liz is also seen handcuffed while being questioned by Sheriff Valenti (Rosa Arredondo) about Max’s whereabouts. “I haven’t seen Deputy Evans since the night of the lightning storm. Have you?” Kyle’s mom asks Liz, who is seemingly being considered by the authorities as a person of interest surrounding Max’s “disappearance.”

Meanwhile, Isobel, who is being haunted by the ghost of his deceased husband Noah (Karan Oberoi), decides to develop her telekinetic powers to protect herself. In a scene featured in the trailer, she’s seen shattering a glass container with the use of her mind.

The trailer ends with Liz voicing out her intention to repay Max for sacrificing his life to bring back Rosa. “Max gave me back the only thing that mattered to me. Now, it’s my turn.”

Roswell, New Mexico | Season 2 Official Extended Trailer | The CW

While it’s unclear whether Max will be resurrected in the new season, executive producer Carina Adly MacKenzie previously said that Max’s story is far from over. “Max’s story definitely isn’t over, but there are consequences for raising somebody from the dead,” MacKenzie told TVLine last April. “We can’t just have this guy on the show who’s capable of doing that. There would be no stakes.”

Roswell, New Mexico premieres on Monday, March 16th at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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