RITZ Bits S’mores are coming back

Nabisco is bringing back RITZ Bits S’mores in honor of National S’mores Day

RITZ Bits S'mores new packaging for August 2022 limited-edition drop

RITZ Bits S’mores are making their much-awaited comeback several years after they were last seen on store shelves.

What are RITZ Bits S’mores?

Inspired by the classic S’mores campfire treat, the original Ritz Bits S’mores were made from two small, round graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallow-flavored filling in between.

What happened to RITZ Bits S’mores?

RITZ Bits S’mores were first released during the early 2000s and quickly became a hit among kids and adults alike. A Simpsons-themed version of the product even hit store shelves in 2004.

Ritz Bits Sandwiches S

However, the product’s popularity eventually faded and Nabisco (RITZ Crackers’ parent company) ultimately stopped producing more. It’s unclear when exactly Nabisco ceased production on RITZ Bits S’mores, but the official Twitter account of RITZ Crackers confirmed in a tweet to a fan in October 2016 that the product was discontinued.

Four years ago, a fan named Adam Schwinn started a Change.org petition calling Nabisco to bring back the product.

When are RITZ Bits S’mores coming back?

RITZ Crackers are bringing back RITZ Bits S’mores in celebration of this year’s National S’mores Day, which falls today, August 10th.

Beginning today, fans can visit @RITZCrackers on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to win one free pack of the dearly missed campfire-inspired treat. To join the sweepstakes via Instagram, fans should follow RITZ Crackers’ official Instagram account and comment on the S’mores post by tagging a friend. Meanwhile, to join the sweepstakes via Twitter, participants should follow RITZ Crackers’ Twitter account and tag a friend on the S’mores post with the hashtag #RITZBitsSmores.

Interestingly, an image of the returning treat (which you can see at the top of the article) reveals that the new version of RITZ Bits S’mores only has one kind of filling as opposed to the original which had two (see the photo below). Though the new version only features a single filling, RITZ Crackers made it clear that the said filling has a chocolatey and marshmallowy flavor similar to the original’s double filling.

Early packaging for RITZ Bits S’mores
Early packaging for RITZ Bits S’mores

What are the bumps on RITZ Crackers for?

In July 2021, RITZ Crackers posted a video on TikTok revealing the reason why its crackers have bumps or ridges around them. The video opens with a voiceover saying that the bumps of the crackers are meant to “cut,” and later shows a hand rolling a RITZ cracker across a slice of Swiss cheese, perforating it pizza-cutter-style so it can effortlessly be split in half and used to make a RITZ sandwich. You can watch the video below:


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