Ridiculous Baby Yoda Merch that you can’t help but want

All the merch, we must have!

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Disney+’s show, the Mandalorian, has quickly become a smash hit. So much so, that our galaxy-traversing friend and his Baby Yoda companion have quickly become household names, breaking records and captivating hearts worldwide. Fortunately, it hasn’t taken too long for the merchandise to arrive, and Baby Yoda is already sliding from the screen onto T-shirts, shoes, jewelry, and even kitchen tools.

For your entertainment and shopping needs, we’ve scoured the web for all of the cutest and most unusual Baby Yoda merch you can get right now. Enjoy this list, you will!

#1 Press-on nails

This one is for all the nail art aficionados out there. You’re bound to turn some heads with these eye-popping acrylic Baby Yoda nails. If you’re going to glam up your nails, you better have Baby Yoda on one of them!

Etsy $20

#2 Baby Yoda Socks

Keep your feet cozy and warm with these green socks inspired by everyone’s favorite baby alien. You’ll have the cutest feet on the planet.

Amazon $9.99

#3 Magnet

With this cute fridge or car magnet, you’ll have Baby Yoda protecting all your to-do notes and grocery lists with the Force.

Etsy $3

#4 Drink sleeve

This endearing bauble is the most lovable thing you can wrap around your coffee cup. Do not leave the house without this crocheted wonder; unless you want your coffee to be cold and your hand to be hot. Nobody likes that.

Etsy $11.20 

#5 Yoda one for me

Ah, everyone needs a healthy dose of a play on words. Show him/her how much they mean to you with the help of Baby Yoda. The force is strong with this one!

Etsy $17.56 

#6 Chopping board

If you use this chopping board, the force will be with you when whipping up that special dinner for your family or friends.

Etsy $25.16

#7 Apron

Cooking just got 100% more fun with this Baby Yoda apron. If Baby Yoda says that “delicious this dinner will be”, then you better not disappoint him.

Etsy $33.62

#8 Cookie cutters

You’ll definitely impress your friends during the holidays or movie night with your Mandalorian-themed cookies. But can you bring yourself to gobble up Baby Yoda?

Etsy $8.69 

#9 Coffee I need

You know the feeling. We know the feeling. Baby Yoda knows the feeling too. We need coffee, and we need it now. Actually, we need coffee all the time.

Etsy $16

 #10 Baby Yoda on vacay mode


Even Baby Yoda needs a vacation every now and then. Being that adorable can get exhausting, you know.

Etsy $22.99 to $53.99

#11 The league of cuteness

With this shirt, you’ll have the power of cuteness x 5. Imagine having Baby Yoda, Toothless, Stitch, Gizmo, and Baby Groot all together on one shirt. We must warn you though, are you prepared to handle this magnitude of adorable?

Etsy $22.99 to $53.99

#12 Hoodie

Laidback days are reserved for hoodies and sunglasses. Add some alien flair to your chill outfit with Baby Yoda. You’ll surely look out-of-this-world.

Etsy $36 to $41

#13 Baby Yoda Patronus

Harry Potter fans, we’ve got your back! Don’t fret if you didn’t get into Gryffindor, because your Patronus Charm is a sweet little Baby Yoda who wields the power of intergalactic charm.

Etsy $17.99 to $46.99 

#14 Baby Yoda feat. Groot and Friends

Avert your eyes, otherwise, you’ll be mesmerized by Baby Groot hugging Baby Yoda. We can’t handle this magnitude of cuteness on one shirt. They’re even dressed like one another while giving a nod towards the hit 90s show, Friends. It’s just too much.

Etsy $17.95 to $22.95

#15 Baby booties

Got a baby? Then he/she needs to meet Baby Yoda ASAP. No child’s wardrobe is truly complete without these knitted Baby Yoda booties.

Etsy $20.09 To $22.99  

#16 Hand-painted Mandalorian shoes

These shoes are wearable pieces of art. So while they look like they came straight out of the shoe store, the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda depicted on them have actually been hand-painted on!

Etsy $65 

#17 Underwear

Baby Yoda is everywhere. He’s unavoidable. He can even be found printed onto underwear.

Etsy $26

#18 Earrings

Crafted out of polymer clay and stainless steel, these simple yet striking Baby Yoda-inspired pieces of jewelry will make the perfect focal point of any outfit you’ve got in your closet.

Etsy $23.97

#19 Intergalactic watch strap

Showing your love for this extraterrestrial angel reaches new heights in the form of this quirky Apple watch strap.


#20 Alien Lamp

Transform your room into the world of Mandalore with this luminescent lamp. The best part? It changes color with the push of a button on its remote control. If this doesn’t bring out your inner Jedi, we’re not sure what will.

Etsy $39 to $42

#21 Funko Pop

Get excited! Because this Mandalorian collectible will be launched in May 2020! But pre-orders have already started.

Amazon $8.78

#22  Bookmark

Whatever book you’re reading, this vinyl and felt Baby Yoda bookmark will serve up a dash of cuteness with each page you turn. Read, you must. Read, you will.

Etsy $10

#23 Figurines

Your home isn’t complete without a set of Baby Yoda figures. Lucky for you they exist!

Target $15.99

#24 Baby Yoda wall art

These adorable pieces of wall art would look marvelous displayed in your living room, right next to the photos of your children.

Etsy $17.17 to $28.09

#25 Dolls

Be the master of gift-giving with this crocheted Baby Yoda doll, made of acrylic yarn and poly-fil.

Etsy $45

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