Ridiculous Baby Yoda Merch that you can’t help but want

All the merch, we must have!

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Disney+’s show, the Mandalorian, has quickly become a smash hit. So much so, that our galaxy-traversing friend and his Baby Yoda companion have quickly become household names, breaking records and captivating hearts worldwide. Fortunately, it hasn’t taken too long for the merchandise to arrive, and Baby Yoda is already sliding from the screen onto T-shirts, shoes, jewelry, and even kitchen tools.

For your entertainment and shopping needs, we’ve scoured the web for all of the cutest and most unusual Baby Yoda merch you can get right now. Enjoy this list, you will!

#1 Press-on nails

This one is for all the nail art aficionados out there. You’re bound to turn some heads with these eye-popping acrylic Baby Yoda nails. If you’re going to glam up your nails, you better have Baby Yoda on one of them!

Etsy $20