These adorable memes prove that Baby Yoda is the cutest thing you’ve ever laid eyes upon

Too cute to handle, Baby Yoda is

Invaded by an alien, the internet has been! Baby Yoda has taken the internet by storm with his cosmic cuteness. He may not be the Yoda that we know from Star Wars of movies past, but he’s definitely of the same species, and the nickname fits him like a glove. Baby Yoda stars alongside an intergalactic gunfighter in the recently released Disney+ series, The Mandalorian.

Nowadays, cuteness of this magnitude easily transcends from the small screen onto memes! Yes, the people of the internet have done their civic duty to provide us with many witty and hilarious Baby Yoda memes. So if you just can’t get enough of the little rugrat, then you’ve come to the right place; because we’ve collected over 20 hilarious and adorable Baby Yoda memes. On the other hand, if you aren’t convinced of Baby Yoda’s profound powers of preciousness yet, then these memes will surely convince you otherwise.

#1 Fake ID

Source: Twitter @fran__holland

Just act cool. Would you let Baby Yoda into the club?

#2 Cutest Disney princess I am

Source: Twitter @babyyodababy

If Baby Yoda says he’s a Disney princess, then a Disney princess he is! Afterall, Baby Yoda’s gender and backstory has not yet been revealed.

#3 That damn smile

Source: Twitter @fran__holland

13 reasons why Baby Yoda deserves to have a role acting alongside Katherine Langford.

#4 Christmas presents

Source: Twitter @thejuliebenson

Every mom’s poker face while you open that gift she said she wasn’t going to buy for you.

#5 Baby Yoda x Pikachu

Source: Twitter @fran__holland

This also serves as an accurate representation of you reaching for that Baby Yoda merch that hasn’t been released yet. We know the feeling. Patience is key… patience is key.

#6 The adventures of Baby Yoda and Spiderman

Source: Twitter: @fran__holland

It’s true, Peter. Everywhere we go, we see Baby Yoda’s face. It’s becoming a pandemic, we don’t know how to make it stop, and we’re not sure that we even want it to stop…

#7 Rafiki and Baby Yoda

Source: Twitter @fran__holland

That moment when you first see Baby Yoda casually sitting in your newsfeed. We’re sure Simba won’t mind sharing the throne of the Pride Lands with Baby Yoda. All hail, king Baby Yoda!

#8 Yoda ft. Baby Yoda

Source: Twitter @BeingLGBTQPodcast

With a grandkid that adorable, grandpa will surely buy him all the LEGOs he wants. Heck, he’ll probably buy him the entire toy store!

#9 Parmesan cheese

Source: Twitter @moviegal226

We’ve all been there. When the waiter says: “Just say when.” And nobody says when, until you can no longer locate your pasta under the mountain of Parmesan cheese.

But seriously, exactly how much cheese is too much cheese?

#10 Half siblings

Source: Twitter @SaberZell

The resemblance between Baby Yoda and Gizmo is uncanny. Hmm… now we have to wonder what happens to Baby Yoda if he gets splashed with water. Would he multiply just like Gizmo? Just imagine, a Baby Yoda for everyone!

#11 The cutest sound ever

Source: Twitter @Oyechelle

Baby Yoda’s heart-melting cooing is now your ringtone forever. You’re welcome.

#12 CAT-astrophe

Source: Twitter @Oyechelle

If you have a cat, then you’ll recognize that ominous face your feline friend gives you when it’s about to make an apocalyptic mess of the house you just cleaned.

#13 Introverted alien

Source: @Oyechelle

Isn’t Baby Yoda just adorable when he tries to avoid all social contact? Ok, so maybe only introverts can relate.

#14 Nugget happiness

Source: Twitter @Oyechelle

Nothing really compares to the pure joy of finding an extra chicken nugget in the bag!

#15 Clingy girlfriend

Source: Twitter @Oyechelle

This one’s for you clingy girlfriends out there. Why would you want to spend 24/7 with your boyfriend when you could spend all day reading a book, hanging out with family and friends, or better yet, scrolling through Baby Yoda memes all day? That’s way more interesting.

#16 Christmas card

Source: Twitter @Puppykiddo1

This is exactly what the little ones look like when they’re anticipating their mother’s reaction to a thoughtful hand-made Christmas card from the very depths of their little hearts.

#17 Doctor’s appointment

Source: Instagram @baby.yodamemes

Let’s face it, we’re all babies when we go see a doctor. Plus, mommy can explain it better!

#18 The politician

Source: Instagram @baby.yodamemes

He certainly has our vote. Baby Yoda for president!

#19 Teachers

Source: Twitter @KrmgOnline

Teaching can be a fulfilling yet stressful profession. All you need is a little rest, some yoga, and maybe a liter of moisturizer.

#20 After the doctor’s appointment

Source: Twitter @MissCharismaBee

Remember when you were a kid, and you were severely afraid of going to the doctor? The only thing that would give you the courage to go, aside from your mom promising to hold your hand the whole time, is that burger and fries you’d get after.

#21 CAT-asptrophe part 2

Source: Twitter @Oyechelle

It’s times like these that we need to remind ourselves: We love our cats, we love our cats, we love our cats… On a different note: Look. At. Those. Eyes.

#22 It never gets old

Source: Twitter @Oyechelle

We’re not sure what kind of sorcery this Baby Yoda has, but seeing him for the 1st time and the 12,345,678th time, still has the same effect.

#23 In God’s eyes

Source: Instagram @oh_myheck

Baby Yoda shows us that God sees the beauty in us all. Aww…

#24 Baby Yoda vs Wii

Source: Instagram @stonedbabyyodamemes

You know that slow-mo moment when you’re sure that you’re about to accidentally get whacked in the face, but you can’t move because you’re in slow-mo too? Yeah, so do we.

#25 He needs his beauty sleep

Source: Instagram @funnyrandom5hit

Baby Yoda is all kinds of awesome, but he can only reach this level of intergalactic preciousness if he gets at least 10 hours of sleep. Beauty rest is essential!

#26 Baby Yoda loves a dose of drama

Source: Twitter @ryan_the_ryan

In this meme, Baby Yoda accurately represents people’s interest in other people’s drama, and we love it!

#27 Watching paint dry

Source: Instagram @ZaatarGardens

People: You can’t watch paint dry

Baby Yoda: Challenge accepted

#28 Faux stomach ache

Source: Instagram @thejuliebenson

Who hasn’t done this before?

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