Pre-order the Avengers Loki Funko Pop with its glow-in-the-dark scepter

Marvel’s god of mischief stands proud in his signature horned helmet and with a scepter in hand

Pre-order the Avengers Loki Funko Pop

Loki is the undisputed god of mischief in the chaotic universe of Marvel. Thanks to his unique brand of sarcasm and rare heroic moments, we can even admit that it’s quite difficult to hate this Asgardian royal. If you can’t hate him either, we guarantee that you would love to pre-order the Avengers Loki Funko Pop to add to your prized collection. It would definitely look amazing standing next to your Kid Loki Funko Pop, because you can never have too many Lokis.

Pre-order the Avengers Loki Funko Pop
Avengers Loki Funko Pop

Aside from his raven locks, emerald green attire, and devious ways; Loki wouldn’t be Loki without his signature horned helmet and scepter. After all, villains love to look the part and make a big dramatic entrance every time they appear to wreak havoc or attack their adversaries with witty banter.

In Loki’s case, his confidence is in the suit that he wears with pride. We can honestly say that this marvelous Funko Pop seriously does him justice.

Another great feature of this limited edition collectible is the stone that serves as the focal point of Loki’s menacing scepter. Hit the lights and watch it glow in the dark! Marvel aficionados may even recognize this to be the Mind Stone, which later on played a vital role in Thanos’ Earth-shattering (literally) plan to eliminate half of the planet’s population; but that’s a story for another Funko Pop.

If you take a closer look, you will notice that this Funko Pop has been specifically derived from the 2012 The Avengers film, wherein he paid Earth an unwelcome visit in an attempt to steal the powerful Tesseract.

Measuring 5 inches in height, you’ll have a tiny mischievous new addition to your toy collection when you pre-order the Avengers Loki Funko Pop.

Where to Pre-order the Avengers Loki Funko Pop

Priced at $14.99, the Avengers Loki Funko Pop is now available for pre-order on If you place your pre-order today, you’ll be able to say hello to your new villain pal in June 2022.

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