Pixel 5A
Pixel 5A

Pixel 5A review: This is the Android smartphone most people should get

The Pixel 5A offers what matters most, all for a budget-friendly price of $449

Pixel 5A review
Bottom Line
The Pixel 5A offers what matters most - a great camera, display, and performance - all for a budget-friendly price.
Great Display
Battery life
IP67 water-resistant
Affordable price
Stock Android with regular updates
Bland design with a single "mostly black" color option
No wireless charging
60Hz display

We’ve spent a month with the Pixel 5A and have walked away convinced that the Pixel 5A is the Android smartphone most people should be getting right now. Read on to discover why.


Pixel 5A review: This is the Android smartphone most people should get 3

I was a huge fan of both the Pixel 4XL and 3XL, so much so that they both became my daily driver. But the Pixel 5’s relatively small 6.0″ screen was a disappointment for me. Fortunately, the Pixel 5A ups the ante with a larger 6.34-inch FHD+ OLED (2,400 x 1080; 60Hz). Do we wish that the refresh rate on the Pixel 5A was at-least 90Hz? Yes, but the display is still very good and will suffice for everyone but serious gamers.


Despite the fact that the Pixel 5 has more Ram than the Pixel 5A (8GB vs 6GB), when it comes to day-to-day performance, the Pixel 5A is pretty much indistinguishable from the Pixel 5. Both are powered by the same peppy Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G which offers more than enough performance for the vast majority of tasks.


Pixel 5A review: This is the Android smartphone most people should get 4

Pixel has always been known for its amazing cameras. While the Pixel 5’s cameras were a bit of a letdown because they didn’t improve all that much over its predecessor, the Pixel 5A manages to carry the same powerful optics as the Pixel 5 but for $250 less. While the cameras inside of the Pixel 5A are not best in class – they can’t compete with the likes of the iPhone 13, they are still superb, and offer an incredible value for $449. Everything from portrait mode to night photography comes out really good on the Pixel 5A, and we continue to be blown away by how much this affordable phone offers in terms of photography and video.

Battery life

Despite the larger display on the Pixel 5A, battery life is very good. As matter of fact, the Pixel 5A packs in the biggest battery size that Google has ever offered in the form of a 4,680mAh battery which is even larger than the battery inside of the Pixel 5. We’ve been getting about a day and a half of moderate use on the Pixel 5A, which is super impressive for a budget phone.


Like the Pixel 5, the Pixel 5A comes running a stock version of Android which Google updates regularly. Not only is this the cleanest and best Android experience that you can get, but it also means that you’ll likely be amongst the first to enjoy new Android features as Google makes them available.

Bottom line

The Pixel 5A is missing some key features of the Pixel 5, such as wireless charging and a high-refresh-rate display, it also doesn’t sport the most exciting design or color choices, but these gripes are all absolutely forgivable at its $449 price point. At the end of the day, the Pixel 5A is a superb budget phone that offers everything that most users need and want. As a matter of fact, there isn’t much reason for most to opt for the pricier Pixel 5 over the Pixel 5A, nor is there much reason to choose a pricier flagship for that matter.

The Pixel 5 was gifted to us by Google. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own
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