OREO’s Blackout Cake flavor is for decadent chocolate lovers

Indulge in decadence with OREO’s new Blackout cake flavor

OREO Blackout Cake

Have you been searching for the ultimate dessert fix? Look no further because Oreo is dropping a bombshell with its newest flavor. Brace yourselves for the OREO Blackout Cake — a decadent, rich, and oh-so-satisfying new OREO variety that is sure to satisfy even your most intense chocolate cravings.

What is OREO Blackout Cake?

The OREO Blackout Cake is a double-layered, rich, and chocolatey limited-edition cookie. It features OREO’s classic chocolate basecake with a layer of chocolate cake flavor creme stacked on top of a layer of dark chocolate Cake flavor creme.

The OREO Blackout Cake was first teased by the cookie sandwich brand on social media on March 27th, with a photo of the silhouette of the new flavor’s packaging against a background of what appears to be layers of chocolate cake.


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When is OREO Blackout Cake coming out?

The OREO Blackout Cake will be available for purchase at retail stores across the United States in April 2023. As previously mentioned, this is a limited-edition flavor and will only be available while supplies last. So if you’re a big fan of decadent chocolate, make sure to grab as many as you can the moment it rolls out to retailers near you.

What is a blackout cake?

Blackout cake, a.k.a. Brooklyn Blackout cake, is a type of cake made with chocolate cake layers and rich chocolate pudding filling. It is typically assembled in layers, with a generous amount of chocolate pudding or frosting spread between each layer. The entire cake is then covered with a chocolate frosting or ganache, which gives it a smooth, glossy finish.

While the name of the cake matches its dark, almost black appearance, which comes from the use of dark cocoa powder or melted chocolate in the cake batter, it is believed that the name blackout cake was inspired by the cake’s origin.

Blackout cake originated in New York City during World War II, when chocolate was scarce and bakers had to find creative ways to use what little they had. It was invented by a Brooklyn bakery chain named Ebinger’s, in recognition of the mandatory blackouts to protect the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The cake became popular among soldiers stationed in the city, and after the war, the name persisted for a very dark chocolate cake, which became common across the American Midwest. While there have been lots of versions of the cake, Ebinger’s variety was so well known that it became a signature offering of the bakery until the chain of more than 50 locations closed in 1972.

Are there other new OREO flavors?

The upcoming release of the OREO Blackout Cake follows the launch of OREO Gluten Free Mint and the Most OREO OREO, which were both introduced in January 2023.

OREO Gluten Free Mint

The OREO Gluten Free Mint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are made with real cocoa and a blend of gluten-free flour. The Most OREO OREO, meanwhile, is described as the brand’s most playful cookie to date. It features two chocolate-flavored basecakes with “Most Stuf” levels of creme, which, for the first time ever, has real Oreo grind mixed in.



The OREO Gluten Free Mint is a permanent flavor, while the Most OREO OREO is a limited-edition variety like the OREO Blackout Cake.

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