The newest Amazon Kindle rocks a front light for only $90

The 2019 Kindle really is a great deal for an e-reader

Amazon just announced a new, budget-friendly Kindle with an adjustable front light for $90

This most recent device boasts an improved E-ink screen and capacitive touch, both of which result in a more natural, book-like experience, touts the company.

With 4GB of storage, the Kindle won’t hold many audiobooks, however, you’ll have no problem storing a large ebook collection. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not too big of a deal as the new Kindle does support audiobook streaming through Audible.

Designed as a distraction-free alternative to your smartphone, the Kindle line up continues to dominate the American e-reader market. Each new Kindle is available in Black or White and ships with three free months of Kindle Unlimited.

You can purchase the new Kindle with offers for $90 in a choice of black or white. The new Kindle without special offers retails for $109.