New on Netflix in April: Elite season 5, Ozark season 4 part 2, Grace and Frankie final episodes

The Emmy-nominated series Russian Doll is also set to return to Netflix next month for its second season

New on Netflix in April: Elite season 5, Ozark season 4 part 2, Grace and Frankie final episodes
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The complete list of new content coming to Netflix in April has been released, and it confirms the impending ending of two critically acclaimed Netflix original series.

What’s new on Netflix in April?

Part 2 of the fourth and final season of Ozark drops on Netflix on April 29th. In the final seven episodes of the Emmy-nominated series, Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) are rid of Helen (Janet McTeer) and climb to the top of Navarro’s (Felix Solis) empire. Though they find another opportunity to get out of the Ozarks, some past sins won’t stay buried and the most dangerous threats come from blood.

The last 12 episodes of the seventh and final season of Grace and Frankie are also set to arrive on the streamer on April 29th. Seven years ago, Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie’s (Lily Tomlin) lives turned upside down when their longtime husbands left them for each other. Both sparring partners and partners-in-crime, Grace and Frankie formed an unlikely and unbreakable bond as they faced uncertain futures head-on, and hand-in-hand. In the final episodes of the Emmy-nominated comedy series, Grace and Frankie continue to show themselves, their families, and their fans what it means to live life to the fullest, fearlessly and unapologetically.

Spanish thriller teen drama Elite will also return to Netflix next month for its fifth season. Premiering on the streamer on April 8th, the new season will see a new victim, a new perpetrator, and a new mystery at Las Encinas, while students find themselves drowning in secrets.

The second and final season of the anime series Pacific Rim: The Black will be available to stream on Netflix starting April 19th. In the epic series conclusion, Hayley and Taylor, piloting Atlas Destroyer with Mei and Boy in tow, must get past a bloodthirsty cult in order to continue their journey to Sydney.

A screenshot from Pacific Rim: The Black season 2
A screenshot from Pacific Rim: The Black season 2

The Emmy-nominated comedy-drama series Russian Doll will also make its Netflix comeback next month. Debuting on April 20th, the show’s second season finds Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) and Alan (Charlie Barnett) stumbling into another bewildering existential adventure after enduring the wildest night of their lives over and over again last season.

April also marks the launch of several Netflix original series, including two exciting scripted series from the U.K.

Starting April 15th, Netflix subscribers can watch Anatomy of a Scandal, an insightful and suspenseful series about sexual consent and privilege. Based on Sarah Vaughan’s international bestselling novel of the same name, the anthology series is planned to depict various scandals within the British elite class.

Meanwhile, the British coming-of-age series Heartstopper will be available to stream on the platform beginning April 22nd. Based on the webcomic and graphic novel of the same name by Alice Oseman, Heartstopper follows teenagers Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor), who discover their unlikely friendship might be something more.

On the docu-series front, Our Great National Parks is set to be released on Netflix on April 13th. Narrated by former U.S. president Barack Obama, the epic five-part series invites viewers to celebrate and discover the power of our planet’s greatest national parks and wild spaces.

Aside from the new and returning Netflix original series, April will also see the release of several Netflix original films.

On April 1st, Netflix subscribers can start watching The Bubble, a comedy about a group of actors and actresses stuck inside a pandemic bubble at a hotel attempting to complete a sequel to an action franchise film about flying dinosaurs.

A week later, on April 8th, Netflix will drop Metal Lords, a music drama about teenage misfits Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) and Kevin (Jaeden Martell), who devote themselves to metal, aspire to win Battle of the Bands, and be worshipped like gods.

Lastly, the horror-thriller film Choose or Die is set to be released on Netflix on April 15th. Starring Asa Butterfield and Iola Evans, the British movie centers on two friends who reboot a mysterious 1980s video game for a chance to win prize money. The pair, however, find themselves in a surreal world of next-level terror where their very lives are on the line.

Iola Evans as Kayla and Asa Butterfield as Isaac in Choose or Die
Iola Evans as Kayla and Asa Butterfield as Isaac in Choose or Die

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