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What’s new on Crackle? All the titles arriving on Crackle this month

New Crackle movies coming this month: Finding Buck Henry, Homeboy, Losin' It

Are you on the hunt for new and exciting content to stream without breaking the bank? Well, get ready to break out your popcorn because Crackle has got you covered! This month, Crackle is adding several movies and TV series to its library that will keep you entertained for hours on end, all for free! Whether you’re in the mood for an action-packed adventure or a heartwarming comedy, Crackle has something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to binge-watch to your heart’s content without spending a single penny!

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New movies on Crackle in April 2024

Lancaster Skies (2019)

Lancaster Skies (2019) Official UK Trailer

Lancaster Skies is a British war film released in 2019. The movie is set during World War II and follows the story of Flight Lieutenant Douglas Miller, a Lancaster Bomber pilot struggling with survivor’s guilt after losing his younger brother in combat. As Miller deals with his emotional turmoil, he is assigned to a new crew and tasked with leading dangerous bombing missions over Germany.

The film explores themes of camaraderie, sacrifice, and the psychological toll of war on individuals. It also showcases the bravery and resilience of the aircrews who fought during the Battle of Britain. Lancaster Skies pays homage to the heroism of RAF pilots and the vital role they played in the Allied victory during World War II.

Availability: April 1

The Silence (2010)

The Silence - Trailer - 15th Berlin & Beyond Film Festival

Directed by Baran bo Odar, this German thriller film revolves around the aftermath of a young girl’s murder in a small German town. The crime bears eerie similarities to an unsolved case from many years prior, which adds to the tension and mystery surrounding the investigation.

As the police delve into the case, they uncover dark secrets and painful memories that have long been buried within the community. The film explores the impact of the crime on various characters, including the victim’s family, the detectives working the case, and other townspeople. Ulrich Thomsen plays a significant role as one of the characters involved in the investigation.

Throughout the film, there’s a palpable sense of unease and suspense as the search for the killer intensifies. The Silence delves into themes of guilt, grief, and the consequences of past actions, offering a gripping and atmospheric portrayal of a small town grappling with tragedy.



Availability: April 1

Day of Wrath (2006)

Day of Wrath (trailer)

Day of Wrath is a historical mystery thriller set in 16th-century Spain, during the time of the Spanish Inquisition. In the movie, a series of gruesome murders plague the town, with cryptic messages left on the bodies. The Sheriff (Christopher Lambert) investigates, uncovering a conspiracy that reaches higher than he expected. The Sheriff must not only solve the murders but also navigate the dangers of the Inquisition and protect his family who may be connected to the crimes. The movie explores themes of justice, corruption, religious fanaticism, and the lengths people go to protect their secrets.


Availability: April 1

Losin’ It (1983)


Directed by Curtis Hanson and starring Tom Cruise, Shelley Long, Jackie Earle Haley, and John Stockwell, Losin’ It is set in 1965 and follows a group of teenagers from California who embark on a road trip to Tijuana, Mexico, in search of fun and adventure.

The main character, Woody (Cruise), convinces his friends Dave (Haley) and Spider (Stockwell) to join him on the journey. Along the way, they encounter various misadventures and comedic situations, including romantic entanglements, run-ins with the law, and encounters with colorful characters.

Losin’ It is a coming-of-age comedy that explores themes of friendship, teenage rebellion, and the pursuit of excitement and freedom. Tom Cruise’s performance helped solidify his rising star status in Hollywood, and the film is remembered for its lighthearted humor and nostalgic portrayal of 1960s youth culture.

Availability: April 1

Holy Rollers (2010)

Holy Rollers | trailer US (2010)

Inspired by actual events, this Kevin Asch-directed movie tells the story of Sam Gold (Jesse Eisenberg), a young Hasidic Jew from Brooklyn who becomes involved in an international drug smuggling ring.

Sam, initially a devout member of his community, is drawn into the world of drug trafficking by his charismatic neighbor, Yosef (Justin Bartha). As Sam becomes increasingly involved in illegal activities, he experiences a moral and existential crisis, torn between his religious upbringing and the allure of money and excitement.

Holy Rollers explores themes of identity, temptation, and the clash between tradition and modernity. The film sheds light on the little-known subculture of Hasidic Jews involved in drug smuggling during the late 1990s.  Eisenberg delivers a compelling performance as a conflicted protagonist navigating the complexities of faith and temptation.


Availability: April 1

Deadly Dispatch (2019)

Ask The Cast of Deadly Dispatch

Deadly Dispatch is a mystery-thriller film that centers on Tiffany Jackson, a hairdresser determined to find the killer of Shawn, her close friend and a well-liked owner of a struggling taxi company. The police believe Shawn’s death was a robbery gone wrong, but Tiffany doesn’t accept that explanation. She takes matters into her own hands, investigating Shawn’s life and uncovering hidden secrets that might lead to the killer.

Availability: April 1

Homeboy (1988)

Homeboy 1988 Trailer HD

Directed by Michael Seresin, Homeboy stars Mickey Rourke as Johnny Walker, a down-and-out boxer who struggles with his past and tries to make a name for himself in the boxing world. He meets Wesley Pendergass (Christopher Walken), a small-time hustler, who becomes his friend and manager. As Johnny navigates the boxing circuit, he grapples with personal demons, including his romantic involvement with Emily (Debra Feuer), a troubled woman with her own struggles.

The film explores themes of redemption, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams in the face of adversity. Mickey Rourke’s performance as the brooding and conflicted Johnny Walker is a standout, and the film’s gritty atmosphere captures the harsh realities of life for its characters.

Homeboy received mixed reviews upon its release but has since gained a cult following for its compelling performances and depiction of the boxing subculture.

Availability: April 1

The Contract (2006)

The Contract 2006 Trailer | John Cusack | Morgan Freeman

Directed by Bruce Beresford, The Contract stars Morgan Freeman as Frank Carden, a seasoned assassin, and John Cusack as Ray Keene, a retired police officer.

The plot revolves around Ray Keene, who takes his son on a camping trip in the wilderness. During their trip, they encounter Frank Carden, a wounded man who claims to be a police officer. However, Keene soon discovers that Carden is actually a dangerous assassin who was being transported by the FBI. When Carden’s team arrives to rescue him, Keene finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse as he tries to protect his son and evade the ruthless killers.

The Contract is a tense and action-packed thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as Keene and Carden engage in a high-stakes battle of wits and survival. The film explores themes of morality, redemption, and the lengths a father will go to protect his child.

Availability: April 1

Finding Buck McHenry (2000)

Finding Buck McHenry (2000) - Trailer

The movie focuses on Jason, an enthusiastic but cut Little League player, who decides to form his own team. He convinces Mack Henry, the school custodian with a deep love for baseball, to be their coach. Jason becomes convinced that Mack is actually Buck McHenry, a legendary Negro Leagues player who mysteriously disappeared.

The film follows Jason’s quest to prove his theory while exploring themes of perseverance, following your dreams, and the importance of history, particularly the under-recognized Negro Leagues.

Availability: April 1

New TV shows on Crackle in April 2024

The Platform

The Platform | Trailer - Watch NOW on Crackle

Starring  Dean Cain, Samer Ismael, Reham Alkassar, The Platform follows genius Karam’s eventful youth, which has left him in disbelief of people and their view of the truth. To ensure the accuracy of facts, he creates an AI internet portal called “the platform,” which becomes an international success at truth finding. But when he finally succeeds and feels free, he gets drawn back into his old world to find his family in an even worse condition.

Availability: April 1

The Kids in the Hall (1998-1995)

The Kids in the Hall back on TV after nearly 30 years

The Kids in the Hall is a Canadian sketch comedy TV series that originally aired from 1988 to 1995. Created by and starring Canadian comedians Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson, the show featured a unique blend of surreal and satirical humor.

Each episode of The Kids in the Hall consisted of a series of sketches that ranged from absurd and offbeat to socially relevant and politically charged. The comedy often pushed boundaries and tackled taboo subjects with irreverence and wit. The cast members portrayed a wide array of characters, both male and female, often with the help of elaborate costumes and makeup.

The Kids in the Hall gained a dedicated cult following for its innovative comedy style and memorable characters. The show’s influence can still be felt in the world of sketch comedy and alternative comedy today.

Availability: April 1

Meteor (2009)

Meteor - Trailer

Meteor is an American disaster television event. It was a two-part show directed by Ernie Barbarash and written by Alex Greenfield.

In the limited series, a giant asteroid named 114 Kassandra, three times the size of Mount Everest, is discovered to be on a collision course with Earth. The discovery is made by Professor Lehman at his observatory in Mexico, but he tragically dies in a car accident before he can share his findings with the world. His assistant, Imogen, takes it upon herself to get the data back to the US and warn authorities. Meanwhile, the government tries to cover up the impending disaster while scientists scramble to find a way to deflect the asteroid.

The story also follows several characters dealing with the impending doom, including a detective searching for his kidnapped daughter and a family struggling to survive in a hospital hit by a meteor shower.

The miniseries received mixed reviews. Some praised the special effects and the performances of the cast, while others criticized the plot as predictable and the characters as underdeveloped.

Availability: April 1

New movies on Crackle in March 2024

The Sitter (2007)

"The Sitter" Preview

Also titled While the Children Sleep in some regions, The Sitter follows a busy couple, Carter and Meghan Eastman, who decide to hire a live-in nanny to help manage their work and family life. They find Abby Reed, who seems like a perfect fit – kind, capable, and seemingly devoted to the children. However, things take a dark turn as Abby’s behavior becomes increasingly obsessive and controlling. She inserts herself into every aspect of the family’s life, and strange accidents start happening to those around them. Meghan begins to suspect Abby’s true intentions, uncovering a hidden agenda that threatens the family’s safety.

Availability: March 1

Enigma (1983)

Enigma (1983)

Enigma is a 1983 British spy film directed by Jeannot Szwarc and starring Martin Sheen, Sam Neill, and Brigitte Fossey. The movie is set during World War II and follows the story of Alex Holbeck (Sheen), an American counterintelligence agent working for the Allies.

Holbeck is assigned to investigate the murder of a prostitute in Nazi-occupied France. As he delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a web of intrigue involving espionage, betrayal, and high-level Nazi officials. Along the way, Holbeck forms an uneasy alliance with a French Resistance fighter named Col. Jerome Devereaux (played by Sam Neill) and becomes entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the enemy.

“Enigma” is a tense and atmospheric thriller that combines elements of espionage, mystery, and wartime drama. Martin Sheen delivers a compelling performance as the determined and resourceful protagonist, while the film’s gripping storyline keeps viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.




Availability: March 1

Life of a King (2013)

Life Of A King Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Cuba Gooding Jr., Dennis Haysbert Movie HD

Directed by Jake Goldberger, Life of a King is based on the true story of Eugene Brown, a former ex-convict who founded the Big Chair Chess Club to mentor inner-city youth in Washington, D.C.

In the film, Brown is portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr. After serving time in prison, Brown struggles to find employment and rebuild his life. However, he discovers a passion for chess while incarcerated and decides to use the game as a tool for teaching life lessons to at-risk youth.

Brown starts the Big Chair Chess Club as a way to provide guidance, discipline, and hope to young people who are facing difficult circumstances. Through the game of chess, he teaches them valuable lessons about strategy, patience, and critical thinking, empowering them to make positive choices and pursue their dreams.

Life of a King is a poignant and inspiring story of redemption, resilience, and the transformative power of mentorship. It highlights the importance of second chances and the impact that one person can make in the lives of others.

Availability: March 1

The Believer (2001)

The Believer (2001) Trailer #1

The Believer stars Ryan Gosling in the lead role as Daniel Balint, a young Jewish man who becomes involved in neo-Nazi activities despite his own Jewish heritage. TheHenry Bean-directed film explores themes of identity, faith, and extremism.

Daniel Balint is a bright and articulate young man who harbors deep-seated resentment towards his Jewish upbringing and struggles with issues of self-hatred and anti-Semitism. He becomes deeply involved in a neo-Nazi organization, espousing hateful ideologies and participating in acts of violence against Jews.

As the film progresses, Daniel’s beliefs and actions come into conflict with his own identity and conscience, leading to a profound internal struggle. “The Believer” delves into the complex psychology of extremism and the ways in which individuals grapple with conflicting aspects of their identity and belief systems.

The film received critical acclaim for its powerful performances, particularly from Ryan Gosling, as well as its thought-provoking exploration of taboo subjects. It won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and has since gained a reputation as a provocative and challenging work.



Availability: March 1

Pursued (2004)

Pursued (2004) Trailer | Christian Slater, Estella Warren

Pursued is a 2004 thriller film directed by Kristoffer Tabori. In Pursued, Christian Slater plays Vincent Palmer, a successful lawyer whose life takes a dangerous turn when he agrees to defend a young man accused of murder. As he delves deeper into the case, Vincent discovers evidence that suggests a larger conspiracy at play. With the help of a journalist (Estella Warren) and a detective (Gil Bellows), Vincent must navigate a web of corruption and betrayal to uncover the truth and clear his client’s name.

The film is known for its suspenseful plot, twisty narrative, and strong performances from its cast. Pursued offers a tense and gripping thriller experience as Vincent races against time to solve the mystery and protect himself and those he cares about.

Availability: March 1

Ring of Death (2008)

Ring of Death

In Ring of Death, Johnny Messner portrays Burke Wyatt, a tough and resourceful prison inmate who finds himself caught up in a deadly underground fighting ring run by corrupt prison officials. Forced to participate in brutal fights for the entertainment of wealthy spectators, Burke must navigate a treacherous world of violence and deceit.

As Burke fights to survive and expose the corruption within the prison system, he forms alliances with other inmates, including a sympathetic guard (Stacy Keach) and a fellow fighter (Charlotte Ross). Together, they plot to bring down the ruthless organizers of the fighting ring and seek justice for themselves and their fellow prisoners.

Ring of Death is known for its intense action sequences, gritty atmosphere, and suspenseful storyline. It offers a thrilling ride through the dangerous underworld of prison fighting, with Johnny Messner delivering a compelling performance as the determined protagonist fighting against the odds.



Availability: March 1

On Angel’s Wings (2014)

On Angel

Directed by Aaron L. Williams, On Angel’s Wings stars Reginald VelJohnson, best known for his role as Carl Winslow in the TV series Family Matters.

In On Angel’s Wings, Reginald VelJohnson portrays the character of Nick Anderson, a high school basketball coach who has lost his faith after the death of his mother. Nick’s faith is restored when he meets a mysterious elderly man named Herman (Robin Givens), who claims to be his guardian angel.

As Nick spends time with Herman, he begins to reevaluate his priorities and beliefs, finding new purpose and inspiration in his life. Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about faith, love, and the true meaning of Christmas.

On Angel’s Wings is a heartwarming holiday film that celebrates the power of faith and the magic of Christmas. It offers a message of hope and redemption, with Reginald VelJohnson delivering a heartfelt performance as a man searching for spiritual guidance and renewal.

Availability: March 1



Extracurricular Activities (2019)

Extracurricular Activities (2019) | Official Trailer HD

In Extracurricular Activities, Reagan Collins (Colin Ford) is a seemingly perfect high school student with a secret sideline. He offers a unique service to his classmates – eliminating their overbearing parents for a fee. As his business booms, Reagan attracts unwanted attention from a police detective investigating a string of suspicious deaths. The film follows the dark consequences of Reagan’s actions and the suspenseful cat-and-mouse game with the detective.

Availability: March 1

A Texas Funeral (1999)

A Texas Funeral (Trailer)

A Texas Funeral centers around the Whit family who reunite in Texas for the funeral of their patriarch, Grandpa Sparta (Martin Sheen). As relatives gather, long-held family secrets and tensions begin to surface. The film explores themes of family dysfunction, inheritance disputes, and the eccentric traditions of a Texas family.

Availability: March 1

A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)

A Fantastic Fear Of Everything (2012) - Official Trailer (HD)

A Fantastic Fear of Everything is a 2012 British dark comedy film directed by Crispian Mills and Chris Hopewell. The movie stars Simon Pegg in the lead role, alongside Amara Karan, Clare Higgins, and Paul Freeman.

In the movie, Simon Pegg plays the character of Jack, a former children’s author who has become a paranoid and agoraphobic crime novelist. Jack’s life takes a bizarre turn when he becomes obsessed with researching Victorian serial killers for his latest book. However, his research plunges him into a world of paranoia and fear, as he becomes convinced that he is being pursued by malevolent forces.

The film combines elements of comedy, horror, and psychological thriller as Jack’s delusions escalate and he confronts his deepest fears. With its surreal and eccentric style, A Fantastic Fear of Everything offers a quirky and entertaining exploration of one man’s descent into madness.

Availability: March 1

The Magical Legend of Leprechauns (1999)

The Magical Legend Of The Leprechauns Trailer

The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns is a 1999 television fantasy film directed by John Henderson. It’s a joint production between the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany, and it features a cast including Randy Quaid, Whoopi Goldberg, Colm Meaney, and Roger Daltrey.

In the film, an American businessman (Quaid) travels to Ireland and becomes involved in the conflict between the Leprechauns, who are portrayed as peaceful and mischievous creatures, and the evil Banshee Queen (Goldberg) and her army of dark fairies. Along the way, he falls in love with a local woman (Kieran Culkin).

The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns combines elements of fantasy, romance, and adventure, and it’s known for its whimsical portrayal of Irish folklore and legends. The film offers a charming and lighthearted take on the age-old conflict between good and evil, with plenty of magical moments and heartfelt moments throughout.

Availability: March 1

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006)

A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints - Official Trailer

Directed by Dito Montiel and based on his memoir of the same name, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints features an ensemble cast including Robert Downey Jr., Shia LaBeouf, Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, and Dianne Wiest.

The movie tells the story of Dito Montiel’s upbringing in Astoria, Queens, during the 1980s. The narrative shifts between Dito’s youth, portrayed by Shia LaBeouf, and his adulthood, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. It explores themes of friendship, family, loyalty, and the challenges of growing up in a tough urban environment.

As Dito reflects on his troubled relationships with his friends and family, he grapples with the memories of his tumultuous youth and the impact it had on his life. The film captures the raw emotions and complexities of adolescence, as well as the lasting effects of trauma and reconciliation.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints received critical acclaim for its powerful performances, gritty realism, and evocative portrayal of life in New York City. It’s a compelling coming-of-age story that resonates with audiences through its authenticity and emotional depth.

Availability: March 1

New movies on Crackle in February 2024

In the Aisle (2018)

In the Aisle (2018)

In the Aisle is a 2018 German drama film about a shy man named Christian who starts working at a supermarket and develops an unlikely connection with his co-worker Marion. The film explores themes of loneliness, connection, and finding beauty in the ordinary.

Availability: February 1

IN THE AISLES - Official U.S. Trailer

The Midwife (2017)

The Midwife (2017)

The Midwife (original title: Sage femme) is a French film directed by Martin Provost. The movie stars Catherine Frot as Claire, a midwife, and Catherine Deneuve as Béatrice, Claire’s father’s former mistress. The plot revolves around the unexpected reunion of the two women, leading to a reevaluation of their lives and relationships.

The film explores themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, and the passage of time. If you’re interested in French cinema and character-driven dramas, The Midwife might be worth checking out.

Availability: February 1

THE MIDWIFE (2017) - Official HD Trailer

Stella’s Last Weekend (2018)

Stella’s Last Weekend (2018)

Stella’s Last Weekend is a comedy-drama film written and directed by Polly Draper. The film stars Nat Wolff, Alex Wolff, and Polly Draper, who are real-life siblings. It revolves around two brothers who find themselves in a complicated situation when they both fall for the same girl, played by Paulina Singer, during the last weekend of their family dog Stella’s life.

The movie explores themes of sibling dynamics, relationships, and the challenges that arise during a pivotal weekend. If you’re a fan of family-oriented dramas with a mix of comedy, Stella’s Last Weekend” might be an interesting watch.

Availability: February 1


The New Romantic (2018)

The New Romantic (2018)

The New Romantic is a Canadian romantic comedy-drama film released in 2018. Directed by Carly Stone, the film stars Jessica Barden as the lead character, Blake Conway. The story follows Blake, a college senior and aspiring journalist who, facing financial difficulties, decides to explore the world of sugar dating to write an article about it. She becomes involved with a wealthy older man, played by Brett Dier, and the film delves into themes of romance, relationships, and societal expectations.

The movie received attention for its exploration of contemporary dating dynamics and the challenges faced by young adults. If you’re interested in romantic comedies with a bit of social commentary, The New Romantic might be worth checking out.

Availability: February 1

The New Romantic (2018) | Official Trailer HD

The Relationtrip (2017)

The Relationtrip (2017)

The Relationtrip is a 2017 independent romantic comedy film directed by C.A. Gabriel and Renée Felice Smith. The film stars Renée Felice Smith and Matt Bush as the lead characters. The story follows an aspiring artist and a struggling comedian who impulsively go on a road trip together after just meeting. The film explores themes of relationships, self-discovery, and the challenges of navigating modern romance.

The Relationtrip received attention for its quirky and offbeat take on the romantic comedy genre. If you enjoy indie romantic comedies with a unique approach, this film might be of interest to you.

Availability: February 1

The Relationtrip (2018) | Official Trailer HD

Love Amongst the Stars (2022)

Love Amongst the Stars (2022)

Love Amongst the Stars is a charming romantic comedy that blends astronomy and history! The Plot: Heidi, a passionate astronomy professor, is determined to secure funding for a new observatory for her students. She believes a rare planetary alignment is the key, but her efforts are constantly overshadowed by the arrival of August, a charismatic history professor with his own research agenda. As they clash and collaborate, Heidi and August uncover a surprising connection between their disciplines, and maybe even something more under the celestial lights.

Love Amongst the Stars received mixed reviews, with some praising its lighthearted charm and positive message, while others found the plot predictable and the characters underdeveloped. However, it’s generally considered a sweet and enjoyable romantic comedy for fans of the genre.

Availability: February 1

LOVE AMONGST THE STARS Trailer (2022) Sarah Canning, Romantic Movie

First Snow (2006)

First Snow (2006)

First Snow is a psychological thriller film directed by Mark Fergus. The movie stars Guy Pearce, Piper Perabo, and William Fichtner. The story follows a salesman named Jimmy Starks (Guy Pearce) who, after a chance encounter with a psychic (J.K. Simmons), becomes obsessed with the idea that he will die when the first snow falls. As he tries to unravel the mystery and change his fate, he discovers dark secrets about his past.

The film explores themes of fate, destiny, and the consequences of one’s actions. If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers with a touch of mystery, First Snow might be worth watching.

Availability: February 1

First Snow (2006) TRAILER [HD]

Mountain Men (2014)

Mountain Men (2014)

Mountain Men is a Canadian comedy-drama film directed by Cameron Labine, and stars Chace Crawford and Tyler Labine in the lead roles. The story revolves around two estranged brothers who reunite to scatter their late father’s ashes in the remote wilderness. Throughout their journey, they face various challenges, leading to comedic and heartfelt moments.

The film explores themes of family, brotherhood, and the comedic aspects of reconnecting with one’s roots. If you enjoy adventure comedies with a focus on familial relationships, Mountain Men might be a film worth checking out.

Availability: February 1

Mountain Men Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Chace Crawford, Tyler Labine Movie HD

Walk of Fame (2017)

Walk of Fame (2017)

Directed by Jesse Thomas, Walk of Fame features Scott Eastwood as the main character, Drew. Drew moves to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a star. In the process, she encounters various challenges and comedic situations as she navigates the competitive world of Hollywood.

Apart from Scott Eastwood, the film includes performances from actors like Malcolm McDowell, Chris Kattan, Jamie Kennedy, and Cory Hardrict. The story combines elements of humor and satire, offering a comedic take on the pursuit of fame and success in the entertainment industry.

Availability: February 1

Walk Of Fame Official Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD

Bitten (2008)

Bitten (2008)

The darkly comedic Bitten centers on Jack, a lovelorn paramedic who rescues a beautiful but injured Danika. Taking her home, he soon discovers she’s not just any woman – she’s a vampire with a serious bloodsucking habit. Their unlikely romance takes a wild turn as Danika struggles to control her urges and Jack tries to navigate this bizarre new reality.

The film explores themes of loneliness, love in unexpected places, addiction, and the challenges of coexisting with the supernatural.

Bitten received mixed reviews. Some praised its humor and originality, while others found it uneven in tone and too reliant on gore. However, it’s generally considered a fun and entertaining black comedy for fans of vampires with a bit of a bite.

Availability: February 1

Bitten (2008) Trailer

Phantom Punch (2008)

Phantom Punch (2008)

Phantom Punch portrays the controversial former world heavyweight-boxing champion, Sonny Liston. Phantom Punch chronicles Liston’s run-ins with racism, the mob, and the law, to become the champion of the world! Highlighted by bone-crunching matches and crime-filled drama, Phantom Punch delivers a knockout lead performance by Ving Rhames.

Availability: February 1

The Phantom Punch | Official Trailer 2008

Valley Uprising (2014)

Valley Uprising (2014)

Valley Uprising is a documentary film directed by Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen. It explores the history of rock climbing in Yosemite National Park and the counterculture associated with it. The film delves into the stories of legendary climbers and the evolution of climbing styles and ethics over the years.

Valley Uprising features interviews with prominent climbers and archival footage to provide an in-depth look at the cultural and historical aspects of rock climbing in Yosemite. The title refers to the rebellious spirit and subculture that emerged among climbers in Yosemite Valley.

Availability: February 1

Valley Uprising Official Trailer (2014) - Rock Climbing Documentary HD

New TV shows on Crackle in January 2024

Cape Wrath / Meadowlands (2007)

The main characters of Cape Wrath
The main characters of Cape Wrath

Starring Olivia Colman, Paterson Joseph, Guy Pearce, and Emily Barclaym, Cape Wrath (also called Meadowlands)is a British miniseries that originally aired on ITV in the United Kingdom and was later picked up by BBC America for audiences in the United States.

The series follows a seemingly ordinary married couple, Becky and Jack, along with their teenage twins, who decide to leave their city life behind and move to the tranquil suburb of Meadowlands for a fresh start. However, their idyllic new life is quickly shattered when they discover that Meadowlands holds dark secrets beneath its charming facade. Unsettling incidents and strange occurrences begin to plague the family, hinting at a sinister past lurking within the town.

As Becky and Jack delve deeper into the town’s history, they uncover a web of lies, hidden crimes, and a mysterious disappearance that ties directly to their own family history. Their pasts come back to haunt them, forcing them to confront their own demons and unravel the truth before it’s too late.

Cape Wrath received generally positive reviews for its gripping story, strong performances, and atmospheric setting.

Availability: January 1

A First Look at Meadowlands

Amnesia (2004)

The lead characters of Amnesia
The lead characters of Amnesia

Amnesia is a gripping and suspenseful limited series that delves into mystery, drama, and psychological intrigue. It follows Detective Constable Mackenzie Stone (John Hannah) who grapples with a devastating double blow: his wife, Lucia, vanishes without a trace, and he suffers crippling blackouts about the night she disappeared.

Consumed by grief and desperation, he throws himself into the investigation, haunted by flashes of nightmares and fragmented memories. As he digs deeper, he stumbles upon the case of John Dean, a man suffering from amnesia, who bears an uncanny resemblance to him. Intrigued, Stone suspects a hidden connection between Dean’s past and his wife’s disappearance.

Amnesia received generally positive reviews for its gripping narrative, strong performances, and atmospheric setting. John Hannah’s portrayal of the tormented detective garnered particular praise for its raw emotion and complexity. The series was lauded for its suspenseful twists, well-developed characters, and its ability to keep viewers guessing until the very end

Availability: January 1

The Reagans (2003)

James Brolin as Ronald Reagan and Judy Davis as Nancy Reagan in The Reagans
James Brolin as Ronald Reagan and Judy Davis as Nancy Reagan in The Reagans

The Reagans is a two-part television miniseries that originally aired on CBS in November 2003. The series stars James Brolin as Ronald Reagan and Judy Davis as Nancy Reagan. It focuses on the life and political career of Ronald Reagan, who served as the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989.

The miniseries covers various aspects of Reagan’s life, including his time as a Hollywood actor, his entry into politics, and his presidency. It explores Reagan’s political ideology, his relationships with key figures such as Nancy Reagan, and the challenges he faced during his presidency. The series also touches on some controversial aspects of Reagan’s administration, including the Iran-Contra affair.

The Reagans received attention and controversy before its release, with some critics expressing concerns about the portrayal of historical events and figures. Due to the controversy, the series underwent some edits before airing.

Availability: January 1

The Reagans (2003 Miniseries) Opening Minutes

New movies on Crackle in January 2024

Antiquities (2018)

A scene from Antiquities

Directed by Daniel Campbell, Antiquities is a comedy film that stars Andrew J. West, Michaela Watkins, Ashley Greene, and Mary Steenburgen, among others. It follows the story of a man named Walt (West) who, after his father’s death, returns to his hometown to settle his affairs. While there, he takes a job at a local antique mall where he encounters a quirky group of characters. As Walt delves into his father’s past, he discovers that the people in the town have their own eccentricities and that his father was a beloved figure among them.

The film is a mix of comedy and drama, exploring themes of family, grief, and the quirky dynamics of small-town life. It received positive reviews for its humor and heartwarming moments.

Availability: January 1

ANTIQUITIES - Official Trailer

Song of Back and Neck (2018)

Paul Lieberstein in Song of Back and Neck

Song of Back and Neck is a comedy-drama film directed by Paul Lieberstein. Lieberstein, who is best known for his role as Toby Flenderson on the popular television series The Office, also stars in the movie, playing the lead role of Fred Trolleycar.

The film follows Fred, a man who suffers from chronic back and neck pain. He discovers that his pain is linked to emotional issues, and as he seeks treatment, he explores the connections between physical and emotional well-being. Along the way, Fred encounters quirky characters and experiences various unconventional methods for alleviating his pain.

Song of Back and Neck blends comedy with elements of drama and romance, offering a unique take on the intersection of physical and emotional health. The film addresses personal growth, relationships, and the impact of stress on one’s well-being. If you enjoy character-driven comedies with a touch of heartfelt storytelling, you might find Song of Back and Neck to be an interesting watch.

Availability: January 1

Song Of Back And Neck (2018) | Official Trailer HD

Digging for Fire (2015)

A scene from Digging for Fire
A scene from Digging for Fire

Directed by Joe Swanberg, Digging for Fire is a dramedy movie featuring an ensemble cast that includes Jake Johnson, Rosemarie DeWitt, Orlando Bloom, Brie Larson, Sam Rockwell, and others.

The story revolves around a married couple, Tim (Johnson) and Lee (DeWitt). While house-sitting for a wealthy client, Tim discovers a bone and what appears to be a gun in the backyard. This discovery sets off separate adventures for Tim and Lee, each exploring different aspects of their lives.

As Tim embarks on a journey to uncover the mystery behind the items he found, Lee takes the opportunity to spend time with friends and explore her own desires and interests. The film weaves together various subplots involving the couple’s friends, providing a nuanced exploration of relationships, identity, and personal growth.

Digging for Fire is known for its improvisational style and naturalistic performances. It explores themes of marriage, self-discovery, and the complexities of adult life. If you appreciate character-driven films with a mix of humor and drama, “Digging for Fire” might be worth checking out.

Availability: January 1

Digging For Fire - Official Trailer - The Orchard

Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (2020)

The main characters of Where Sleeping Dogs Lie
The main characters of Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

Where Sleeping Dogs Lie is a Canadian crime drama with a darkly comic twist. Here’s the gist: Three close friends – two brothers, Jeff and Rob, and their childhood friend Dale – hatch a plan to rob a wealthy developer, Bob. They envision a smooth operation, but things quickly unravel once they’re inside Bob’s lavish home. The gang’s lack of experience and professionalism is evident, leading to comical mishaps and escalating tension. As they scramble to find the hidden money, secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested, and violence erupts, forcing them to confront the consequences of their actions.

If you’re looking for a gritty and darkly comedic crime film with unexpected twists and turns, Where Sleeping Dogs Lie might be worth your time.

Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (2020) | Official Trailer HD

Availability: January 1

Paulie Go! (2019)

The titular character of Paulie Go!
The titular character of Paulie Go!

Paulie Go! follows the adventures of Paulie, a brilliant but socially awkward teenager with a passion for robotics. He dreams of being accepted into the prestigious lab of Professor Chickenzhanski. Unfortunately, his application gets rejected, sending him into a world of despair.

Determined to prove his worth, Paulie hatches a bold (and slightly crazy) plan: He steals his uncle’s van and embarks on a cross-country road trip to Minnesota, where Professor Chickenzhanski lives in solitude. Along the way, Paulie stumbles upon Avery, a headstrong young fisherwoman who becomes his reluctant road trip companion.Together, they navigate the wilds of Minnesota, encounter quirky characters, and face unexpected challenges while Paulie tries to convince the reclusive professor to take him on as an apprentice.

It’s a feel-good movie with lighthearted humor, endearing characters, and a message about following your dreams, even if it means taking the road less traveled. Critics praised its charming performances, quirky humor, and surprisingly sweet ending

Availability: January 1

Paulie Go! | Official Trailer | HD

The One You’re With (2021)

The lead characters of The One You're With
The lead characters of The One You’re With

The One You’re With opens with Alex, a free-spirited aspiring chef, who has a one-night stand with Ethan, a meticulous and anxious writer on the day she gets fired from her job. Little do they know, the world experiences a sudden emergency the next morning, forcing them to remain confined in Alex’s apartment for three weeks.

Their initial clash of personalities leads to hilarious situations as they adjust to their forced cohabitation. Alex embraces the chaos, while Ethan struggles to maintain control in the midst of uncertainty. Through unexpected experiences and hilarious mishaps, their relationship evolves from an awkward fling to a genuine connection as they learn to appreciate each other’s differences and find strength in their contrasting personalities.

The film received generally positive reviews for its quirky humor, charming performances, and its unique take on forced proximity love stories. Some critics praised its lighthearted approach to overcoming personal anxieties and finding comfort in unexpected connections during difficult times.

Availability: January 1

The One You

A Quiet Passion (2016)

Cynthia Nixon as Emily Dickenson in A Quiet Passion
Cynthia Nixon as Emily Dickenson in A Quiet Passion

A Quiet Passion is directed by Terence Davies and stars Cynthia Nixon as the renowned American poet Emily Dickinson. The film follows Dickinson’s life from her early days as a young woman to her later years of seclusion.

Key aspects of Emily Dickinson’s life, including her relationships with family and friends, her struggles with societal expectations, and her pursuit of a writing career, are explored in the film. “A Quiet Passion” delves into the poet’s complex personality, her wit, and her unconventional approach to life and poetry.

The film received critical acclaim for Nixon’s performance as Emily Dickinson and Davies’ direction. It provides a thoughtful portrayal of the celebrated poet and offers insights into her creative process and the challenges she faced during her lifetime. If you have an interest in biographical dramas or literature, you’ll enjoy watching A Quiet Passion.

Availability: January 1

A QUIET PASSION Trailer | Festival 2016

That Evening Sun (2019)

Hal Habrook in That Evening Sun
Hal Habrook in That Evening Sun

Directed by Scott Teems, That Evening Sun is based on a short story by William Gay and stars Hal Holbrook, Ray McKinnon, and Mia Wasikowska. The story revolves around an elderly man named Abner Meecham, played by Holbrook, who escapes from a nursing home to return to his family farm in rural Tennessee. Upon his return, he discovers that his son has leased the farm to a family he despises. Abner decides to live in a small shack on the property, leading to a conflict with the new tenants.

The film explores themes of aging, family dynamics, and the changing landscape of rural America. Holbrook’s performance received critical acclaim, and the film as a whole was praised for its poignant storytelling and emotional depth.

That Evening Sun is a character-driven drama that offers a nuanced portrayal of its central characters and addresses issues of identity and the passage of time. If you enjoy intimate and emotionally resonant films, this might be one to consider.

Availability: January 1


Exiled (2006)

A scene from Exiled
A scene from Exiled

Exiled is a Hong Kong action film directed by Johnnie To. Also known as Fong juk, the film is set in Macau and revolves around a group of hitmen who are former friends but are now on opposing sides of a gang war. The central characters are forced to confront their loyalties, friendship, and pasts as they navigate the dangerous and violent world they inhabit. The themes of brotherhood, betrayal, and redemption are central to the plot.

Exiled is known for its stylish cinematography, intense action sequences, and complex characters. It received positive reviews for its blend of action and drama and is considered one of To’s notable works.

Availability: January 1

Exiled (2006) 放‧逐 - Movie Trailer - Far East Films

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