Move to Heaven season 2: Is there another season of the Netflix series?

Will there be a second season of Move to Heaven?

The cast of Move to Heaven

Move to Heaven is one of the most successful South Korean drama (K-drama) series of 2021. Critics and audiences alike love the show so much that they are hoping that it will be back for a second season. It’s been over two years since the first season of the show was released on Netflix, so is there any update from the streaming service about the potential return of the series? Continue reading below to find out if a sophomore run of Move to Heaven is in the works.

Is there a Move to Heaven season 2?

There is currently no word whether Move to Heaven is getting a second season. Netflix has neither canceled nor renewed the series for a season 2, making the show’s future unclear.

Longtime fans of K-drama know that scripted Korean series don’t usually get a second season, so for some of them, Move to Heaven is technically canceled after one season. However, some avid fans believe that the show can still return for a season 2, as its fellow Netflix originals Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead, have been both picked up for additional seasons.

Also, the first season of Move to Heaven had an open ending, allowing the main characters to come back for a new batch of stories for a potential season 2.

What is Move to Heaven about?

Lee Je-hoon as Cho Sang-gu and Tang Jun-sang as Han Geu-ru in Move to Heaven
Lee Je-hoon as Cho Sang-gu and Tang Jun-sang as Han Geu-ru in Move to Heaven

Written by Yoon Ji-ryeon and directed by Kim Sung-ho, Move to Heaven follows the lives of Han Geu-ru (Tang Jun-sang), who has Asperger’s Syndrome, and his ex-convict uncle Cho Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon). The two meet for the first time after the sudden death of Geu-ru’s father Han Jeong-woo (Ji Jin-hee). Entrusted as Geu-ru’s guardian, Sang-gu joins his nephew to help run the family trauma cleaning company called Move to Heaven.

Trauma cleaners are professionals who help people to clean out the possessions of their loved ones who have passed away. In the process of cleaning out the homes of the deceased, Geu-ru and Sang-gu uncover the stories of the people’s lives, and they help to deliver these stories to the loved ones who have been left behind. In the course of season 1’s 10 episodes,  Sang-gu tries to deal with his painful past with Geu-ru’s father as well as the traumatic incident that landed him in jail.

Move to Heaven season 2 plot

Since Netflix hasn’t renewed Move to Heaven for a second season yet, some fans have a number of speculations on how the story will continue in a potential second season. For instance, according to, the possible season 2 might highlight Geu-ru and Sang-gu’s stronger and deeper emotional bond, which has come a long way since the start of the television series.

The show’s potential sophomore run might also see Geu-ru’s relationship with Yoon Na-mu (Hong Seung-hee) turn into romance, as the final episode of the South Korean series suggests that Na-mu has started to have romantic feel feelings for Geu-ru.

Hong Seung-hee as Yoon Na-mu in Move to Heaven
Hong Seung-hee as Yoon Na-mu in Move to Heaven

Also a main character in the series, Na-mu is introduced as Geu-ru’s best friend and neighbor who joins and helps him run Move to Heaven after she becomes suspicious of Sang-gu’s sudden presence in Geu-ru’s life. Her mother disapproves of her working as a trauma cleaner, so she does so in secret. Na-mu and Geu-ru grew up together and the former has been protective of the latter ever since they first met.

Move to Heaven season 2 cast

If Move to Heaven will be back for a second season, main cast members Tang Jun-sang, Lee Je-hoon, and Hong Seung-hee will likely reprise their roles.

Some of the supporting actors from season 1 may also come back for a potential season 2. These include Ji Jin-hee as Han Jeong-woo, Kim Joo-yeon as Min Ji-won, Lee Moon-sik as Park Joo-taek, Im Won-hee as Oh Hyun-chang, Hongseok as Park Jun-yeong, Jung Young-joo as Oh Mi-ran, Lee Jae-wook as Kim Su-cheo, Park Jung-won as Kim Su-jin, Jung Ae-youn as Madam Jung, and Choi Soo-young as Son Woo-rim.

Move to Heaven season 2 release date

Since Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Move to Heaven yet, the series doesn’t have a season 2 premiere date yet. But for reference, all 10 episodes in the first season of the show become available for streaming on Netflix on May 14, 2021.

Is Move to Heaven worth watching?

Yes, Move to Heaven is definitely worth watching. It is a heartwarming and emotional exploration of grief, loss, and the importance of family. It is also a celebration of the power of human connection. Move to Heaven has been praised for its sensitive handling of difficult subject matter, and for its positive portrayal of autism.

The series has a rating of 8.5/10 on IMDb and an audience score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. It has also won several awards, including the Best Drama Series at the 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards.

Where to watch Move to Heaven

Move to Heaven is exclusively streaming on Netflix. Haven’t seen it yet? Check out the trailer for the series below:

Move to Heaven | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]
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