Meet Jim, The First Smart Assistant That Pours You Bourbon Shots

Take that Alexa and Siri!

Jim Beam smart assistant

So what’s that one important task that none of the much-talked-about virtual assistants like SIRI, Google Assistant, or Alexa can perform yet but Jim Beam’s new Smart Assistant can?

If your guess is – pouring drinks, you are spot on!

Meet Jim – the new virtual assistant from liquor maker Jim Beam. Jim is not as smart as Alexa or Siri are – it cannot book a cab for you or tell you Newton’s laws of motion or add items to your shopping list. But one thing it does pretty neatly is making you shots at the command of your voice. Yes, Jim can be your personal bartender.

Voiced by Jim Beam’s Master Distiller Fred Noe, Jim is a smart decanter that carries a little compartment to store your bourbon and pour it for you whenever you ask it to.

Jim’s lack of all-round intelligence is compensated by its ability to make small talk. It can answer some of “life’s most pressing questions”, such as what’s the best way to drink bourbon or what’s the weather like outside.

“I have no idea, but I do know it’s the perfect weather to enjoy a bourbon,” it will remind you.

You can buy Jim at Jim Beam’s online store for $35. There’s one downside though. Jim’s ability to make small talks lasts only for six months, after which its 3G connectivity will stop functioning. But it will continue serving you as a decanter.


Source: DesignTaxi
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