McDonald’s Quarter Pounder-scented candles have already sold out

The $35 candle set is part of McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Fan Club collection

The just-released Quarter Pounder-scented candles from McDonald’s have already sold out.

First announced on February 18th, this set of six scented candles in glass containers is inspired by the smell of the following Quarter Pounder ingredients: bun, ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion, and 100% fresh beef. For “maximum deliciousness,” McDonald’s advised fans to burn them all together.

As indicated in its listing, the $35 candle set was only available in “limited quantities,” so it wasn’t that surprising that it sold out rather quickly.

The set of Quarter Pounder-scented candles is part of McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Fan Club collection, a range of merchandise items especially made for Quarter Pounder diehard fans in celebration of the burger’s upcoming 50th anniversary.

In addition to McDonald’s Quarter Pounder-scented candles, the line also includes a $25 Quarter Pounder Fan Club t-shirt; a $10 Quarter Pounder Fan Club pin; $25 couples Quarter Pounder mittens; a $25 2020 Quarter Pounder calendar; an $8 yellow rectangular bumper sticker that says “I’d rather be eating a Quarter Pounder”; and a $35 heart-shaped locket featuring beautiful photos of the Quarter Pounder, the Quarter Pounder Bacon, the Quarter Pounder Deluxe, and the Double Quarter Pounder.

Quarter Pounder Fan Club T-Shirt
Quarter Pounder Fan Club Pin
Couples Quarter Pounder Mittens
2020 Quarter Pounder Calendar
“I’d Rather Be Eating a Quarter Pounder” Sticker
‘Quarter Pounder with Love’ Locket

Unfortunately for fans, all items in the collection, except for the calendar, have already sold out.

Meanwhile, still in line with the Quarter Pounder’s upcoming 50th anniversary, McDonald’s is honoring one lucky city that takes their fandom for the Quarter Pounder to new heights. On February 26th, the fast food chain will be unveiling a larger-than-life monument of the iconic burger in the winning city, which has yet to be announced. As to how big the monument is, McDonald’s said: “Imagine a bronze statue so memorable that the sesame seeds on the bun are more than 20 times the size you experience on the delicious Quarter Pounder.”

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