McDonald’s is bringing back the Double Big Mac to its U.S. menu for a limited time

When is the Double Big Mac coming back to McDonald’s menu?

McDonald's Double Big Mac

McDonald’s is giving Big Mac lovers a reason to rejoice. The fast-food giant has announced that it’s bringing back the colossal Double Big Mac to its U.S. menu for a limited time. Read on to find out the exact return date of the fan-favorite burger sandwich, so you’ll know when to start losing your belts in preparation for the nationwide return of the double-decker delight.

Double Big Mac’s return date

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the Double Big Mac will be available at all McDonald’s locations across the United States starting January 24, 2024. As of writing, the end of its limited-time comeback is not clear, so fans should participate in the menu item’s return as soon as it becomes available.

Delish pointed out that the news of the Double Big Mac’s return comes just one month after McDonald’s announced that it was trying to create the “best burgers ever” this year. The restaurant chain also hinted at a “larger burger” for 2024, and it looks like fans will be getting that sooner than expected.

What is McDonald’s Double Big Mac?

McDonald's Double Big Mac with fries and drink
McDonald’s Double Big Mac with fries and drink

The Double Big Mac is a larger, beefier version of the McDonald’s Big Mac. It doubles the patty count, featuring four 100% beef patties instead of the usual two.

Here’s what’s in a Double Big Mac:

  • Four Burger Patties: As its name suggests, the Double Big Mac packs a serious punch with four juicy all-beef patties. This significantly amps up the meaty satisfaction compared to the original Big Mac.
  • Classic Toppings: While the patty count doubles, the other signature Big Mac toppings remain the same. You’ll still find a slice of American cheese, shredded lettuce, chopped onions, tangy pickles, and the famous secret Big Mac sauce all nestled between three toasted sesame seed buns.
  • Double the Size, Double the Fun: The Double Big Mac isn’t just about more meat; it’s a whole new burger experience. Its larger size means it’s definitely more filling and offers a richer, bolder flavor explosion thanks to the increased beef presence.

Important Note: The bun of the Double Big Mac contains wheat and sesame seeds, so individuals with allergies or sensitivities should be aware.

When was McDonald’s Double Big Mac first introduced?

The Double Big Mac was first introduced in March 2020, alongside the Little Mac, which featured a single patty.

Why was McDonald’s Double Big Mac removed from the menu?

There were several contributing factors to McDonald’s decision to remove the Double Big Mac from its menu shortly after its initial release in March 2020. Here are some of them

1. COVID-19 disruption

The pandemic significantly impacted the fast-food industry, causing labor shortages and operational challenges. To simplify operations and streamline service, McDonald’s implemented a reduced menu in some locations, focusing on their most popular and efficient items. The Double Big Mac, being a new and somewhat complex offering, unfortunately fell victim to this streamlining.

2. Limited testing and demand

The Double Big Mac’s initial release in March 2020 was relatively brief, and its full market demand hadn’t been fully assessed before the pandemic hit. With the need for a simplified menu, McDonald’s likely prioritized items with established popularity and wider appeal.

3. Operational complexity

Compared to the classic Big Mac, the Double Big Mac with its four patties required slightly more cooking time and assembly steps. This, especially in the midst of pandemic-related staffing and operational challenges, might have contributed to its removal as a way to improve efficiency and service speed.

4. Menu optimization

As the pandemic impacted customer dining habits and preferences, McDonald’s likely re-evaluated their menu offerings to cater to the changing demand. They might have opted to focus on other limited-time offerings or permanent menu items that better aligned with the current trends and operational needs.

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