CosMc’s menu: McDonald’s reveals menu of its new spinoff restaurant chain

Everything you need to know about McDonald’s new chain called CosMc’s

CosMc's outdoor signage

If you’re a fan of McDonald’s and enjoy venturing into the cosmos of culinary delights, then the grand opening of CosMc’s is an event you won’t want to miss. CosMc’s is McDonald’s new spinoff restaurant concept that promises to take your taste buds on an otherworldly journey. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of CosMc’s, including its unique menu items, the concept behind it, and why this revelation is worth the excitement.

What is CosMc’s?

CosMc’s is a new restaurant concept from McDonald’s that will focus on customized coffee and other drinks that are too complicated for McDonald’s restaurants to create.

During an investor presentation on December 6, 2023, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski said that the idea for CosMc’s stemmed from the growing demand for an “afternoon beverage pick-me-up occasion.” According to CBS News, this is a $100 billion market where McDonald’s currently isn’t a strong presence. The fast food giant hopes that CosMc’s will eventually become a strong rival of Starbucks and Dunkin’ in that segment of the fast food industry.

Kempczinski described CosMc’s concept as “what would happen if a McDonald’s character from the 1980s that was part alien, part surfer, part robot” opened a restaurant in 2023.

CosMc’s menu: What can you order from McDonald’s new chain?

CosMc’s menu is a dynamic and exciting fusion of innovative beverages and classic McDonald’s favorites. Below is a breakdown of its offering at launch.


CosMc's beverage menu
CosMc’s beverage menu
  • Coffee Drinks: CosMc’s coffee drink lineup includes the classic Cold Brew, Churro Frappe, S’mores Cold Brew, and Turmeric Spiced Latte.
  • Non-Coffee Drinks: The chain will also offer a range of specialty lemonades and teas, plus other non-coffee beverages in different vibrant colors. These include Sour Cherry Energy Slush, Tropical Spiceade, Blueberry Ginger Boost, Blackberry Mint Green Tea, Island Pick-Me-Up Punch, Berry Hibiscus Sour-ade, Popping Pear Slush, Sour Tango Lemonade, and Chai Frappe Burst.


CosMc's food menu
CosMc’s food menu
  • Savory Sandwiches: Choose between the Spicy Queso Sandwich and the Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich.
  • Bite-Sized Treats: Enjoy familiar favorites like Hash Brown Bites and Pretzel Bites served with dipping sauces.
  • Desserts: Indulge in the sweet and decadent Blueberry Lemon Cookie Sundae with caramel fudge brownies.


CosMc’s allows customization to personalize your experience. These include:

  • Flavor Syrups: Add a splash of flavor to your beverages with a variety of options.
  • Popping Boba: Experience a fun and textural element in your drinks.
  • Energy and Vitamin C Shots: Make your orders extra healthy with functional boosts of energy and vitamins.

When will CosMc’s open and where are its locations?

CosMc’s first location is set to open this December 2023, in Bolingbrook, Illinois. The opening of its first store will mark the beginning of a limited test phase with approximately 10 additional locations planned to open by the end of 2024. These locations will be spread across the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio metro areas.

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Source: CBS News
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