Major Windows 11 update brings back drag and drop to the taskbar

Task Manager has been revamped

Windows 11 22H2

Microsoft has released the latest build for Windows 11, version 22H2. If you are an Insider Program participant, you’ll get a neat sneak preview access to the operating system’s most significant updates to date.

Among the new features added, is the much anticipated (or much-dreaded upon, depending on who you ask) Task Manager update. The new layout provides a cleaner, more optimized look, while still having the familiar UI that we have been accustomed to since Windows 8. A dark theme is also added, as well as an Edge-style efficiency mode of sorts that helps reduce system resources on selected apps.

Other quality-of-life tweaks in this update include:

  • Opening the Snap Layouts menu immediately when the app is dragged at the top of a window.
  • A Do Not Disturb mode to silence notifications you don’t need and keep the ones that are most critical or the ones you specifically wanted to remain.
  • A built-in Live Captions feature, which pops up for any audio content generated. Theoretically great for any user who has hearing issues.
  • Spotlight Wallpapers, essentially bringing the lock screen images to your standard desktop (and cycles them there as well).
  • Probably the best of all, drag and drop is finally returning once again to the taskbar. A very convenient feature that was sorely missed by any multi-tasking professional who presumably jumped into the Windows 11 bandwagon too early.

For minor changes and bug fixes related to build 22621, you can refer to this official blog post.

As for when Windows 11 version 22H2 build 22621 will arrive officially for standard users (default update), the projection is about three months from now. This puts the presumed target launch date right around September of this year.

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