The 2024 Lenovo Legion gaming laptops use AI to stretch out battery life

The 2024 Lenovo Legion lineup uses AI and some new cooling tricks to keep temps down and battery life up

Picture of a 2024 Lenovo legion laptop on display at CES 2024
Lenovo is getting farther and farther away from making their gaming laptops look like stereotypical gaming laptops

The classic gaming laptop paradox: a portable machine that’s too powerful to last very long on a single charge. Despite not being as versatile in that sense, gaming laptops have carved out a niche for gamers who want something to travel with when they have to be away from their home rig. Still, no one’s going to say no to a little extra battery life, and that’s what the 2024 Lenovo Legion gaming laptops are trying to achieve with AI.

Lenovo introduced their LA AI chips in the Legion line last year, and this year they’ve been tweaked to further improve efficient. Basically, the laptops run programs that can identify action on screen and tune CPU and GPU output to meet close to exactly what is necessary. That won’t necessarily net huge battery life gains, but it’s not nothing! The LA AI chips can also work to boost FPS when necessary for faster-paced games.

Picture of a 2024 Lenovo legion laptop on display at CES 2024
Lenovo is getting farther and farther away from making their gaming laptops look like stereotypical gaming laptops

Otherwise, this year’s machines are just getting the usual hardware refreshes all the way down the line. They’ll also all be bundled with a 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial.

2024 Lenovo Legion Pro 7i, Legion Pro 5i, and Lenovo Legion Tower 7i

Lenovo’s got some serious firepower in its new Legion Pro Series laptops. Featuring Intel’s spanking new 14th Gen i9-14900HX processors, up to 32GB of DDR5 memory, and 2TB SSD storage, these machines are built for victory with up to 16-inch PureSight WQXGA displays boasting 240Hz refresh rates and 500 nits brightness. The Coldfront thermals ensure your NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs don’t break a sweat, allowing for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

But wait, there’s more! Lenovo’s throwing in some AI features with the Lenovo AI Engine+. This nifty addition is powered by the Lenovo AI chips on the Lenovo Legion 7i, and the LA1 chip on the Lenovo Legion 5i. It dynamically adjusts settings, fan curves, and power routing to keep your gaming performance at its peak.

The Lenovo Legion Tower 7i is a 34L desktop PC designed for those who crave the a supercharged gaming rig. Packed with Intel Core i9 processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs, 64GB of DDR5 RAM, and up to 6TB of SSD storage, it’s a powerhouse ready to unleash top-tier performance. The accompanying Legion accessories – the K300 Mechanical Keyboard and M600e Wireless Gaming Mouse – complete the gaming arsenal for a definitive win.

The Legion Pro 7i hits the scene in March 2024, starting at $2,699, while the Legion Pro 5i drops in January 2024, starting at $1,499. As for the Legion Tower 7i, it’s set to arrive in April 2024, starting at $2,699.

2024 Lenovo Legion 9i

The 2024 Lenovo Legion 9i is packing some serious tech. The 16-inch laptop has an upgraded LA3-P AI chip, which powers Scenario Detection, an intelligent feature that adjusts CPU and GPU power dynamically based on what you’re doing, boosting performance in real-time. Smart FPS is in the mix too, optimizing power between components to boost your gaming FPS.

But that’s not all, Lenovo claims the LA3-P AI chip is a multitasking mastermind. According to Lenovo, the Lighting Audio Sync feature syncs RGB lights with the sound for an immersive gaming experience. Legion Aurora Sync takes it a step further, using AI to sync on-screen visuals with the keyboard and environmental RGB. And let’s not forget the Smart Control allowing quick switches between power profiles.

Talking hardware, it’s got an Intel Core i9-14900HX, a 3.2K 165Hz VRR Mini-LED PureSight display, a 99.99Whr battery, and can be configured up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, up to 64GB DDR5 RAM, and 2TB Gen4 PCle storage. Lenovo’s TrueStrike keyboard and forged carbon top cover add the finishing touch to the Lenovo Legion 9i.

The Lenovo Legion 9i will hit the shelves in January 2024, starting at $4,399.

2024 Lenovo Legion 7i, Legion 5i, Legion Slim 5, and Lenovo Legion Tower 5i

The Lenovo Legion Series is packed with options: the Legion 7i, Legion 5i, Legion Slim 5, and Legion Tower 5i aim to be the ultimate do-it-all solution for the diverse needs of today’s power-users.

What makes these laptops tick is Lenovo’s LA AI chips, doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes. The Legion 7i boasts the LA AI chip with Scenario Detection, Smart FPS boosts, and Smart Control – all customizable through the Lenovo Vantage software. Legion 5i focuses on Smart Control for quick power profile shifts on the go.

Picture of the 2024 Lenovo Legion Pro 7i on display at CES 2024
The 2024 Lenovo Legion Pro 7i is the gaming-laptop-that-doesn’t-look-like-a-gaming-laptop option

Design-wise, Lenovo plays it cool. These laptops don’t have the traditional gaming PC appearance, despite harboring the latest Intel Core i9 on the Lenovo Legion 7i and Legion 5i, AMD Ryzen 8040 Series processors on the Lenovo Legion Slim 5, up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics with AI upscaling for faster frame rates, and AI-powered Max-Q technology for optimal performance.

These PCs can support up to 32GB of 5600MHz DDR5 RAM and up to 1TB PCIe Gen 4 SSD storage, ensuring smooth gaming and multitasking. And the AI touch doesn’t stop there – Lenovo’s thrown in a Microsoft Copilot key for quick access to your everyday AI assistant.

One of the things that caught my eye was the new “Coldfront: Hyper” thermal solution, featured in the Legion 7i and Legion 5i. This revamped cooling system creates a unique path for air circulation, channeling hot air through a hyperbaric chamber to optimize heat exchange. Lenovo’s promising a cooler hardware and smoother gaming experience with a max output of 175W on the 7i and up to 190W on the 5i in Extreme Mode.

What’s intriguing is the bottom D-cover designed to prevent the mixing of hot and cold air, maintaining optimal cooling efficiency. This not only keeps the hardware in check but ensures your fingers stay comfortable on the keyboard, even during those intense gaming sessions. I’m curious to see how these claims hold up under heavy processor loads.

The Legion Series boasts PureSight displays, calibrated for color accuracy. Whether you go for the 16-inch 3.2K 16:10 IPS display on the Legion 7i or the 16-inch WQXGA 16:10 display on the Legion 5i and Legion Slim 5, Lenovo’s aiming to provide an immersive visual experience. The high refresh rates and color support make them versatile for gaming, designing, or content creation.

On the other hand, Lenovo says if you’re on the lookout for a desktop solution that seamlessly blends gaming, education, and professional tasks, the 26L Legion Tower 5i is your go-to. You can customize the Legion Tower 5i with up to 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900F processors, up to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 GPUs, up to 32GB of 5600MHz DDR5 RAM, and up to 2TB PCIe NVMe SSD storage.

The Lenovo Legion 7i (16”, 9) is expected to hit the shelves in March 2024, starting at $2,099. The Legion 5i (16”, 9) will be available in April 2024, priced at $1,399. And if you fancy the Slim 5 (16”, 9), it will also be available in April 2024, starting at $1,499. Lastly, the Lenovo Legion Tower 5i will hit the shelves in April 2024, starting at $1,249.

Lenovo LOQ

The Lenovo LOQ series comprises an array of gaming laptops and towers that make the first step into the gaming world a breeze. In the realm of gaming processors, the Lenovo LOQ lineup boasts an impressive arsenal—Intel and AMD Ryzen CPUs, NVIDIA 20, 30, and 40 Series Laptop GPUs, and even an Intel-based variant featuring Intel Arc A530M graphics.

Picture of a Lenovo LOQ laptop on display at CES 2024
The Lenovo LOQ options represent the entry-level tier

Hyperchamber thermal technology takes center stage in Intel-based Lenovo LOQ laptops. It keeps the processors cooler and reduces fan noise by up to 2dB compared to the previous lineup. The Lenovo LA1 AI chip unleashes the Lenovo AI Engine+ via Lenovo Vantage. Lenovo says this feature will automatically adjust power, fan curves, and settings on the fly across the LOQ series.

Users can opt for a 165Hz WQHD (1440p) 5ms response time panel or a 144Hz FHD panel, both boasting 100% sRGB color coverage. And yes, style matters. All Lenovo LOQ laptops offer an optional 4-zone RGB keyboard with 1.5mm key travel.

The Lenovo LOQ Tower 17IRR9 now has a 17L chassis, and can be configured up to a 13th Gen Intel Core i7-14700 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPU, up to 32GB RAM. This tower also supports up to 1 SSD and 2 HDD hybrid storage options.

The Lenovo LOQ 15IRX9 is set to hit the market in April 2024, starting at $799. The Lenovo LOQ 15IAX9I and Lenovo LOQ 15IAX9 are slated for April 2024, starting at $749 each. For our readers in EMEA, the Lenovo LOQ 15AHP9 arrives in March 2024, starting at 1049€. The Lenovo LOQ Tower 17IRR9 is coming in April 2024, starting at $899.

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