Lomi composter review
Lomi composter review

Lomi Composter review: A superb countertop composter

This countertop kitchen device can compost food waste with the push of a button

Lomi composter review
Bottom Line
Lomi is a superb countertop kitchen composter that composts waste with the push of a button. It’s attractive, easy to use and clean, smell-proof, and it can compost just about anything. 
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Attractive and compact
Can compost almost anything
A bit on the pricey side

If you’ve been wanting to spruce up your home to accommodate a more sustainable lifestyle, Pela’s Lomi countertop kitchen composter might just catch your fancy. Sit tight while we unpack our Lomi composter review for you.

If the recent announcement from the United Nations is anything to go by, 2022 it seems is more than ready to kick things up a notch and embrace eco-friendly technology. The UN (by consensus) has reportedly approved a resolution that promotes 2022 as the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development.

And in that spirit, Pela, the company that made the world’s first 100% compostable phone case, has come up with another eco-friendly product that essentially turns all your food waste into compost with just the click of a button – the Lomi composter.


The Lomi composter weighs 22 pounds, and measures only 16 inches wide and 12 inches in height, so it’s quite compact. You shouldn’t have much trouble making space for it on your kitchen countertop.

Does Lomi really work?

Yes, as a countertop composter, the Lomi composter is well-rounded in its features. It accommodates almost any kind of composting of waste that you would generally find around the house.

Does Lomi smell?

The usual stench and leakage you would find while composting waste isn’t a problem you will have with the Lomi composter. It comes with a lid and does a good job of containing odor and leakage. This is also largely due to the activated carbon located inside of the two filters that the composter is fitted with.

The Lomi countertop kitchen composter also comes with a pouch containing 45 LomiPod compost accelerators that are essentially a combination of probiotics that will aid in a speedy degradation process, and counter foul smells, all the while producing rich soil.

What can you put in a Lomi composter?

Lomi accepts all sorts of food waste, including meat, packaging waste, and even biodegradable plastic items
Lomi accepts all sorts of food waste, including meat, packaging waste, and even biodegradable plastic items

You can place all sorts of food waste, including meat, to packaging waste, and even biodegradable plastic items into Lomi. Lomi converts organic waste into nutrient-rich dirt quite seamlessly, simply with the push of a button.

How long does it take for Lomi to compost?

If you’re already impressed by the Lomi countertop kitchen composter’s slick features, wait till you hear about how long it takes to compost. – A mere three hours and voila! You have with you compost that is not only rich in nutrients but is odor neutralized as well. You no longer have to worry about the usual stench that follows a recent composted mixture.

What’s more, is, the composting process itself is mess-free, quite easy to accomplish, and, not to mention fruitful.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even compost waste for about 16 to 20 hours and manufacture rich fertilizer which you can then use to pot plants or nurture your garden.

Is a Lomi composter worth it?

Lomi composts food waste in a matter of hours
Lomi composts food waste in a matter of hours

Lomi is worth it if you’re looking for a quick, mess-free, compact way of converting household waste to organic dirt/fertilizers. You won’t have to worry about the overwhelming stench, waiting days for your compost to be usable as a garden nourisher, or pot your plants.

Often enough, people don’t go through the trouble of composting waste because it’s a long process and you have to devote quite a lot of time to ensure that the composting process doesn’t encounter any hindrances (basically you’ve gotta keep a constant eye on things). Lomi does this efficiently and offers a simple, seamless experience with proven results. Not to mention the fact that it encourages more people to transform their food waste into something sustainable instead of just getting rid of it.

How much is a Lomi composter?

You can order the Lomi Composter on Pela’s official website, pela.earth, it’s priced at $499.

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Lomi Composter

Lomi is a countertop composte that turns all your food waste into compost with the push of a button.

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