Logan actress Dafne Keen wants to reprise her role as X-23 for the MCU

Will the X-Men character make the jump to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Logan actress Dafne Keen wants to reprise her role as X-23 for the MCU 1

Dafne Keen is open to reprising her X-Men role as X-23 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Keen said that she would “100 percent” play X-23, aka Laura, again if given the opportunity to bring the character into the MCU.

Keen appeared as X-23 in the 2017 film Logan, starring Hugh Jackman in the title role. Artificially created by Alkali-Transigen to use as a soldier, X-23 is a mutant with similar powers as Logan, aka Wolverine. Having been created with DNA samples of Wolverine, X-23 shared her “biological father’s” healing abilities and retractable claws.

Keen’s portrayal of X-23 was praised by critics and audiences alike, so it isn’t that surprising to see several fans campaigning for the actress to reprise the role should the X-Men character cross over to the MCU.

Even Jackman himself and Logan director James Mangold were impressed by Keen’s performance as X-23. During ComicBook.com’s Quarantine Watch Party of the X-Men movie in May, Jackman shared, “When [Mangold] came up [with] the character of Laura, and that the movie was in essence about family we were worried about finding the right fit. Until we met [Keen]. The first day we auditioned her … she punched me in the arm so hard, I was literally bruised the next day. Hired.”

Mangold, meanwhile, acknowledged how Keen amazingly carried the second half of the film. “There’s no way this film works without the remarkable Dafne Keen. By the film’s second half, the tables have turned and she is carrying the entire movie as Logan has retreated in sickness and self-doubt. And of course, she holds the final frame,” Mangold wrote.

Despite Keen’s lauded performance as X-23, there are still some X-Men fans who don’t want to see her reprising the role.

And even though Disney had already acquired 20th Century Fox, a number of fans think that Marvel will more likely reboot the characters introduced in recent X-Men movies than bringing them into the MCU, making Keen’s reprisal of X-23 unlikely.

Keen currently stars as Lyra Belacqua/Silvertongue in the BBC/HBO television series His Dark Materials.

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