Lenovo EGO is a $29 smartwatch designed for India

This multi-use gadget is for active individuals

Lenovo EGO is a $29 smartwatch designed for India 1

When they’re not making sleek new ThinkPad laptops, Lenovo is busy churning out other gadgets like this one: the all-day fitness tracking Lenovo EGO.

What it is, based on the official description, is a sports- and fitness-centric digital smartwatch. It offers long battery life, useful bio sensors, and rugged features that allow its use in active situations.

One of the main features of the Lenovo EGO is a built-in heart rate monitor, which allows it to work as a real-time heart rate monitor pretty much all day. It’s quite accurate and is best used during activities like cycling, running, and other exercises.

It also comes with scientific sleep tracking and swim tracking features, so it can be worn to gather personal health and fitness data no matter when or where.

As a proper smartwatch, it comes with a built-in remote camera features, which lets users take a picture with a single tap on the Lenovo EGO diplay screen. It’s designed to be compatible with both iOS and Android through the Lenovo Life app.

The Lenovo EGO is also a full-featured smartwatch with regular watch features. As in, it tells time, serves as an alarm clock, and offers smart notifications that cover all kinds of things from texts and calls to social media updates. The EGO should be able to cover the lot of them and last long enough for any activity, given that it has 20 days of battery life as standard and water resistance at up to 50 meters.

“Wearable technologies have emerged as the next big consumer electronics market in India and is expected to grow at a fast pace. With Lenovo EGO, we aim to acquire a 15 percent share of India’s market and establish a fitness network encouraging people to be fitter, healthier, and happier,” said Sebastian Peng, Head of Lenovo’s MBG Ecosystem.

The EGO smartwatch is priced only $29 and will be available exclusively through Flipkart and Croma from May 10th.

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