Lenovo brings AI to their Yoga S940 in several SUPER practical ways

The AI is able to filter out the sound of your dog barking while you’re on video calls

AI was a big topic for smartphones in 2018 but until now, it hasn’t been a focus in PCs. That is about to change with Lenovo’s new Yoga S940 laptop.

The new ultra-slim Lenovo Smart Assist AI-enabled Yoga integrates AI in lots of practical ways. For example, when it comes to making a video call, it uses AI to automatically filter out ambient noise and to blur out distracting backgrounds during video calls. That includes your dog’s barking (been there!).

The AI also comes into play with privacy. Working in a public space? The laptop’s AI sensors are able to detect your absence and auto-lock the display to protect your screen and data from prying eyes. It will even alert you if someone is being nosey over your shoulder and peering over at your screen.

Lenovo brings AI to their Yoga S940 in several SUPER practical ways 1

The laptop’s Glance by Mirametrix attention-sensing AI technology makes having a dual display set-up even more productive. To that effect, if you glance from your main laptop display to a second screen, it will track your movement and shift open windows and content to a connected external monitor. This is a kind of wizardry we could’ve only dreamt about until now.

AI features also come into play with voice-matching. To that effect, the laptop’s AI is able to recognize your personal voice when you’re talking to Alexa or Cortana.

The AI gets smarter with time too. It will learn from your usage patterns and optimize the system’s performance and battery life accordingly. Thanks to AI, the system should be able to squeeze out up to 15 hours of battery life.

On the hardware front, the Yoga S940 weighs just 2.65 lbs and measures just .48” thin. It’s configurable with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of SSD storage.

Lenovo brings AI to their Yoga S940 in several SUPER practical ways 2
The Yoga S940 sports the first Contour Glass display on a laptop

Its display is especially impressive too. To that effect, the Yoga S940 offers the first Contour Glass display on a laptop that wraps around its bezels. Its bezels are already quite thin with a 90% screen to body ratio, but this helps further reduce the look of the bezels. Fortunately, Lenovo has managed to squeeze the webcam into the bezel at the top of the display, so you don’t have to worry about any unflattering video calls. The laptop can be configured with a 4K HDR display with 500 nits peak brightness.

Pricing for the Yoga S940 begins at $1,499.99 and it goes on sale in May.

Yoga C730 with AMOLED

Lenovo brings AI to their Yoga S940 in several SUPER practical ways 3Lenovo has also announced the Yoga C730 with AMOLED. The 15-inch Yoga C730 2-in-1 convertible laptop has been upgraded with a stunning 4K AMOLED display. The laptop now comes with 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processors, along with Windows Ink for digital pen input, and both Cortana and Alexa support.

Pricing for the Yoga C730 with AMOLED starts at $1,649.99 and it goes on sale this April. Unfortunately, it will not be available inside of the U.S.

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