LEGO wooden wall hanger set is the nerdiest way to hang up your coats

Incorporate LEGO into your home decor with these LEGO home accessories

LEGO wooden wall hanger set
LEGO wooden wall hanger set

Aside from creating fun toys and building adventurous amusement parks all over the world, LEGO is also a haven for lifestyle and home interior essentials; such as this adorable LEGO wooden wall hanger set.

About the LEGO wooden wall hanger set

Lego wooden wall hanger set
Lego wooden wall hanger set

When you need a way to hang your coats and bags, etc, but don’t want to compromise on style; this fun LEGO wooden wall hanger set is the answer!

Featuring 3 wall hooks in the shape of LEGO 1×1 plate studs, each one is crafted from FSC-certified oak in a soap-treated light oak finish. This LEGO wooden wall hanger comes in different sizes to accommodate coats, bags, scarves, dressing gowns, robes, headsets, and more. Also available in a dark stained oak finish, these LEGO-themed home essentials will definitely add a playful flair to your interior.

Where can I buy the LEGO wooden wall hanger set?

The LEGO wall hanger set is available on for $99.99.

More LEGO home essentials

If you’re looking for a book rack to complement your wooden wall hanger set, LEGO also offers this wooden book rack in dark oak.

Designed with versatility in mind, this book rack is perfect for storing kids’ books and toys. Additionally, it was made to look like an oversized version of the 1×6-stud LEGO brick that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a tabletop.

LEGO wooden book shelf
LEGO wooden bookshelf

Whatever you decide to store in the LEGO wooden book rack, you’ll certainly enjoy staying organized the LEGO way. The LEGO wooden book rack is also available at for $139.99.

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