LEGO Tron: Legacy set comes complete with lightcycles and identity discs

The set was born out of LEGO ideas

LEGO: Tron Legacy

LEGO has announced a Tron: Legacy set, and it was born out of LEGO ideas.

The set features 2 light cycles with seats for minifigs. The set comes with three minifigs: Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler. LEGO has created adorable small Identity discs that can be attached to the back of each of them.

Of course the set is made up of many translucent light-style elements, including power stream effects. The included display base is designed to look like the Tron grid and it has attachment points for the light cycles. Each of the light cycles measures over 1″ high, 6” long and 1” wide.

For reference, LEGO ideas is LEGO’s Ideas crowdsourcing platform where fans can submit ideas for future LEGO sets. Ideas that get enough votes are then reviewed and evaluated by LEGO for consideration as an official set.

LEGO’s Tron: Legacy set is a 230 piece set. It goes on sale on March 31st.

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