LEGO Super Mario Power-Up Packs let you dress up Mario in different outfits

These swappable costumes come in four designs: Fire, Propeller, Cat, and Builder

LEGO and Nintendo have added four new items to their LEGO Super Mario line, launching on August 1st.

Collectively called Power-Up Packs, these fun add-ons are basically swappable outfits for the LEGO Mario figure included in the previously unveiled LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course.

Inspired by Mario’s iconic costumes from various Super Mario video games, each of these four Power-Up Packs ― Fire Mario, Propeller Mario, Cat Mario, and Builder Mario ― includes a hat and a set of dungarees for the LEGO Mario figure to slot into, which also allows him to do new things.

Fire Mario Power-Up Pack

This suit grants LEGO Mario with Fire Attack power. When in this suit, LEGO Mario can throw virtual fireballs at his enemies and earn extra coins.

Propeller Mario Power-Up Pack

Custom-tailored for high flying action, this outfit allows LEGO Mario to collect points by performing cool aerial tricks, complete with propeller sounds that make the gameplay even more realistic.

Cat Mario Power-Up Pack

Based on Mario’s outfit from the Super Mario 3D World video game, this suit gives LEGO Mario extra coins when he climbs up walls. With it, LEGO Mario also makes meow and purr sounds that feline lovers will definitely find adorable.

Builder Mario Power-Up Pack

From the Super Mario Maker video game series, this suit lets LEGO Mario earn coins by making him stomp hard on LEGO bricks.

Available starting August 1st, each Power-Up Pack costs $9.99 and is sold separately from the $59.99 Starter Course. As previously announced, there will also be two expansion sets that expand upon the Starter Course — the $29.99 Piranha Plant Power Slide Set and the $99.99 Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Set.