Chevy created a life-size LEGO Chevy Silverado made of 330,000 bricks

The life-size pickup took over 330,000 bricks and 2,000 hours to complete

A group of students from Michigan has partnered up to build a life-size replica of a 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT Trail Boss – all from LEGO blocks.

Taking some 2,000 hours to compete, the truck is over 6-feet high, 20-feet long, and 8-feet wide. Students used 334,544 LEGO blocks, most of which are the company’s iconic 2×8 bricks that we all played with as kids.

Full-Size LEGO® Silverado | Chevrolet

According to Chevy, the goal of the project is not only to promote the latest LEGO Movie 2 but also help the local student learn more about robotics and engineering through complex LEGO structures.

The company goes on to say a miniature version of the Silverado will make an appearance in the film, which is set for a February 8th release date.

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