Kingdom Hearts is getting its own TV series on Disney+

It’s going to be a CG animated series

Kingdom Hearts is getting its own TV series on Disney+ 1

Over the years, we’ve seen the Kingdom Hearts franchise evolve beyond its original PlayStation titles. We’ve seen it jump to handheld devices, become reimagined as a collectible card game, and even make it to printed media through Japanese manga and novels. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that this iconic title will be soon making its way to Disney+ as its own TV series.

A recent tweet from social media influencer, Jeremy Conrad, stirred up Kingdom Hearts fans by captioning a gif of Sora, Donald, and Goofy with a simple “It’s true.” This is in reference to the news of Kingdom Hearts finding a home on Disney’st streaming platform. The Disinsider’s editor-in-chief, Skyler Shuler reacted to the influencer’s tweet, adding a little more information on the subject.

According to Shuler, he confirmed that Kingdom Hearts is indeed coming to Disney+ but as a TV series and not a movie. He adds that it will be an animated CG series so fans won’t have to worry about live-action casting. Lastly, he says that Disney voice actors, like Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer, and Tony Anselmo, will most likely be returning to reprise their roles. There was no mention of whether the voice actors from the Final Fantasy franchise from Square or even its lead character, Sora, will return.

After the decade long wait for the third main game of Kingdom Hearts, fans are still pretty excited to consume more Kingdom Hearts-related content. It has been a habit of the series to insert in-between stories before every main game release, so there’s a large possibility the Disney+ TV series will lead to a fourth installment.

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